Can I watch CNN on directv?

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The channel was originally launched in Europe on September 15, 1997 with only four telenovelas (Los hijos de nadie, Canción de amor, Bajo un mismo rostro and Morir dos veces) from Televisa in its daily programming, most of them premiered almost recently in Mexico.

On February 11, 2019, it changes its corporate image and concept, now being a telenovela channel (innovating with two chapters a day) and original production programs about the television genre, it also starts broadcasting natively in high definition.

What channel number is deportv on DirecTV?

Today it is available on Cablevisión’s digital and HD system (channel 100); Telecentro’s digital and HD (100 and 1021, respectively); on DirecTV, on the SD (631) and HD (1631) systems; on all Supercanal, Telered, Gigared systems and on more than 200 cable operators in the interior of the country, which have already incorporated it to their systems….

How to search for a movie on Directv?

Go to the DIRECTV Cinema page or click on Programming and then in the Watch on TV section, click on Cinema – Find Movies.

How many channels does DIRECTV Prepaid Bronze have?

The Bronce HD Prepaid Plan has 52 HD channels and 30 audio channels.

Directv Channel Guide

In 2005, the Presidential Forums franchise was launched with forums in Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua and Ecuador in 2006; Guatemala in 2007 and Paraguay in 2008. In addition, the network began an alliance with Grupo Expansión.

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On November 22, 2010, the channel “evolved” with a new logo on the screen and its slogan “Vive la noticia”, it also incorporated eight presenters and started ten new programs, as well as new studios in Miami and new reporters in the U.S.[16] Since 2011, the channel ceased to be available on Cuba’s cable operator Telecable, which offers paid services for tourists in hotels.[17]

Sylvia Garcia, congresswoman (TX) and CNN columnist.  Claudia Palacios, news anchor.  Andrés Oppenheimer, journalist and CNN columnist.  Ana Navarro Flores, commentator and columnist.  Marcelo Longobardi, Argentine anchorman.  Xavier Serbiá, presenter and singer.  Guillermo Arduino, anchor and correspondent.

What are the ESPN channels?

However, you can enjoy eight ESPN company networks – ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPN Extra, ESPN Now, ESPN Deportes and ESPN HD.

How to watch ESPN Play live?

Go to, choose the logo of your cable operator, log in with your username and password. Once registered, you can enjoy all the available content.

How to access ESPN Play with DirecTV?

If you are a registered MiDIRECTV customer, you can watch games, ESPN TV shows, clips, news, interviews, analysis and up to 20 live simulcasts from your COMPUTER, TABLET or SMARTPHONE. Just download the ESPN app from your iTunes Store and Google Play store.

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TN began broadcasting on Tuesday, June 1, 1993 at 7:00 a.m., hosted by journalists Luis Otero and Silvia Martínez. A well-known anecdote is the fact that they should not have been the ones to start broadcasting, but journalists Mario Mazzone and Mercedes Martí, who were “blinded” after a light test before going on the air and could not fulfill the objective.

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TN was the first Argentine channel to broadcast live from the Falkland Islands in 1994 with Mónica Cahen D’Anvers, [citation needed]and from the Marambio Base in 1996, with Mario Markic in the Argentine Antarctic.

TN’s slogan changed over time. The phrase “Independent Journalism” was used from the beginning of the channel until June 2011. In 2008, a second slogan, “Todos Nosotros” (All of Us), was imposed, which remains until now as the channel’s slogan.

On February 5, 2010, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, during a press conference, accused Todo Noticias of censoring her and of being part of “a discouragement operation”, claiming that they cut the broadcast of another conference of hers, on February 3, when she stated that “Clarín’s shareholders are being investigated for money laundering”. [27] Todo Noticias claimed to have broadcast the entire press conference, without interruptions[28] and as evidence -although without showing the recording of the newscast of that day- it repeated several times excerpts of the conference in which the President referred to Grupo Clarín.[29] Todo Noticias claimed to have broadcast the entire press conference, without interruptions[30] and as evidence -although without showing the recording of the newscast of that day- it repeated several times excerpts of the conference in which the President made reference to Grupo Clarín.

How much does DIRECTV PPV cost?

Each PPV soccer game you purchase will have a value of $500 that will impact your next bill. By purchasing PPV matches you can watch Argentine soccer matches with the image quality of your DIRECTV programming plan (standard or high definition).

What movies are on Directv Go?

Horror, crime and mystery are themes present in the platform’s programming for this month. Mare of easttown, Sherlock Holmes, Euphoria and Secreto en la montaña are some of the new releases.

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What channel is TNT Sport?

TNT Sports: channel 112 (for which you will have to pay to watch in HD) FOX Sports: 101. FOX Sports 2: 102.

Directv prepaid channels

DIRECTV returns for a second opportunity in Mexico after 2004, but it will not do it with a satellite TV service, it will bet entirely on streaming. DIRECTV Go is the new platform that comes to compete for the “streaming war” with an interesting bet, traditional television channels, but over the Internet.

DIRECTV GO is currently available for PC browsers, iOS and Android devices, as well as compatibility with Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and Samsung TVs, using the native app store.

The service currently offers a seven-day trial period. Accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, in addition to being able to link the subscription to an active phone service with AT&T.