Why does my twitter follow people only

How can I do to completely remove the blocked person, to no longer see it, and also if that person is blocked Does the image update itself or only when you open the tweet to see their publications without nececidad to unblock?

The question is: do you still see the likes or retweets that you have marked or retweeted? And if so, will he also see them if I change the name of my account? Because then I will have no choice but to close it, including the followers? 🙁

I have a big problem… I block a lot of people and pages from Ecuador I am from Argentina and even after returning to tuiter those people (blocked and pages) I still see them, and it gives me a lot of anger to have q continue reading them because they publish things that do not interest me … how can I denounce these people so that when I open tuiter not see their tweets or their niks, I’m tired of blocking them and still appear …

How to follow someone on Twitter without them noticing?

Simply type “https://www.twitter.com/usuario” in the address bar of the browser, where “user” is the username of the account (without typing the @ sign).

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How to stop a user from seeing your tweets?

Access your Twitter profile. Find the profile of the user you want to hide your tweets from and access their profile. Click on the three horizontal dots icon to open the Twitter user options. Select the Block option (followed by the user’s name) from the pop-up menu.

How can I know who is looking at my Twitter feed?

How to know if someone has seen your tweet? In order for you to know exactly how many people see each of your tweets, you would simply have to access Twitter Analytics, which is the official tool of this network so you can see the numbers. You don’t need money or special permissions.

How to unfollow someone on twitter

Tap or click Following on your profile or home page to see who you follow. The people you follow are displayed in a follow list. From that page, you can unfollow accounts you no longer want to follow.

Yes. When accounts are blocked, we remove them from the follower count on profiles globally. As a result, if an account that follows you is blocked, your profile’s follower count may decrease.

If you requested to follow someone whose Tweets are protected and then change your mind, you can click Cancel to remove your follow request. (The Cancel button appears on your profile in the same place as the Follow button).

How to follow on twitter

For this, go into the settings and go to Security and account access, and there click on the Apps and sessions option. When you go inside, you will see the following options, which will serve for what we tell you now:

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When you go into that Personalization and data page, the first thing you see is a convenient button to disable or enable all the options. And then, you have the Personalization section, which offers you the following options, which it is advisable to disable to maximize privacy:

Who to follow on twitter

The image above contains the mentions received by @telecincoes during a specific period of time. In that image we can already see some data about the original content in those 4483 total tweets. For example, we can see that almost half of those tweets are original: 2185 tweets. Those tweets were sent by 1406 users. This means that there are users who sent more than one original tweet. What this metric reflects is that users are engaged with the brand.

As we have seen: retweets. These represent the repetition of a tweet. In the example above we see that more than half of the tweets are RTs. Moreover, thanks to Tweet Binder’s sorting panel we can see those retweets in the report. We can even sort them:

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