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By completing the registration process, you will have an Enabled Electronic Address (DEH) associated to your NIF, for the reception of all your administrative notifications, and you will receive notices when new notifications are available.

You will be able to consult the notifications received in the mailbox associated to your Enabled Electronic Address or those of third parties to which you have been authorized through the option located in the upper right corner “enter”. This mailbox complies with the necessary security measures so that only its owner, or authorized recipients, have access to the content of the notifications.

How to view an IRS notice online?

On the main web page of the Tax Agency you will have to look for the option ‘Notifications’. It is in the first six central menus just below the presentation slide. Click on it and wait for the next page to open. In this new menu there will be, on the right, a whole list of options.

Where can I see the notifications from the Tax Agency?

Access to the Tax Agency’s electronic notifications can be made through any of the following means: From the Tax Agency’s electronic headquarters (, by accessing the “Personal Area” and then the My notifications section.

What can be a notification from the Tax Agency?

Tax notifications are notices that we receive from the Tax Agency with the intention of informing us, ask us to deliver some document or warn us of the beginning of some process. It is very typical to exaggerate every time we see a notification from the Tax Authorities.

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Tax Agency

When the system detects the login, we will be redirected to our personal space where we can consult all the available notifications, being able to filter them by date or by their status, read or not read.

The Tax Agency advises you to enter this personal space and consult the notifications at least every 10 days, to avoid the expiration of the requirements and not to overlook important notices. In any case, it is possible to activate notifications for users identified with a mobile app.

What is an administrative notification from the Tax Agency?

The administrative notification constitutes “a merely formal procedure that supports a material right, that of not being defenseless” (Gamero Casado), that is to say, the focus of the administrative notification is the legal validity rather than the means or procedure used.

Why doesn’t Whatsapp notifications ring?

Every time you receive a Whatsapp message, a warning usually sounds, whose tone varies depending on the one you have configured. Or it should be like that if you do not have it muted. … In that section, select ‘Whatsapp’ and press ‘Notifications’, to activate the ‘All WhatsApp notifications’ function.

How to enter the Android notification log?

Tap the “Widgets” section and select “Settings shortcut” to add a widget to access a specific section of the device settings. Drag the widget to the home screen. In the menu that appears, select the “Notification Log” option.

My notifications

Consultation of notifications and communications in the Electronic HeadquartersThrough this option you can access a search engine that allows you to locate both the notifications and communications of the taxpayer with which you are linked at the time of issuance by being the holder of the notification, the addressee or a proxy to access the notifications and communications of the holder.

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The procedure requires identification with an electronic certificate, DNIe or [email protected] PIN of the declarant. If you are going to use a certificate or electronic DNI, click on the link “Access with certificate or electronic DNI” and if you are going to use the [email protected] PIN system, enter the DNI or NIE in the box.

What happens if I do not open an IRS notice?

Notifications may be of any nature but all of them have a deadline for reply and failure to comply with them carries penalties of up to 600 euros.

What is notification?

Notification is the action and effect of notifying (a verb that comes from Latin and means to formally communicate a resolution or to give notice for a certain purpose). … A judicial notice, on the other hand, is an act of communication from a court or tribunal.

Who can receive notifications?

Personal notifications will be understood with the person to be notified or his legal representative; in the absence of both, the notifier will leave a summons with any person who is at the domicile, so that the interested party waits for a fixed time on the following business day.

Below we explain all the steps to register in the AEAT notification system, which you can also see in our explanatory video. It is very easy, it will only take you a couple of minutes, and once inside it is very intuitive. How to manage AEAT notifications Once you are registered in the AEAT notification system, you have several ways to access your mailbox. You can access from the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency, or from the portal

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The E-Office indicates that it is necessary to access the mailbox every 10 days to check if you have been sent any notification. This is because the AEAT considers that you have been notified 10 days after the sending, in case you do not open it. Also, remember that you will be able to access these communications or notifications from the 060 portal for 90 days, if you open it within 10 days after it is sent. After these 3 months, you will only be able to consult them from the Tax Agency’s electronic headquarters. However, and for your peace of mind, as you have to indicate one or more email accounts when you register, every time you receive a notification you will be sent an email. You can also activate the Tax Agency’s notification system, which is aimed at both individuals and legal entities and entities without legal personality. Two IMPORTANT NOTES before you go:

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