Our accommodation providers have implemented strict health protocols that proved their worth since summer 2020. Respecting national safety recommendations is in everyone’s interest: ours, yours so you can take possession of your rental with confidence. For total peace of mind, think about disinfectant wipes and go over contact points such as doorknobs and do not hesitate to reproduce good housekeeping practices.

As part of the sanitary measures imposed by the Regional Health Agency in France, certain services provided by accommodation providers such as swimming pools, fitness rooms, wellness areas (sauna, hammam, whirlpool, treatments, etc.), and restaurants, may be subject to restrictions or temporary closures. These measures may change depending on the health situation and decisions taken by the competent authorities.

As of December 15, 2021, in France, vaccinated persons will have to make the third dose as soon as they are eligible and after a maximum of 4 additional weeks. Beyond this period, the QR code will be automatically deactivated.


“I think it’s a good thing because you don’t know who’s vaccinated and who’s not, so it would be better for us to go back to a mask mandate until we get it under control,” Torres, general contractor for Humboldt Park, said while walking his dogs.

For Guerrero, “It’s too late, the city opened up and we did too much to go back to a mask mandate. I feel like there’s no point; whatever’s going to happen already happened,” he said, referring to the infectious spread.

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Speaking after NFL Honors on Thursday night, he didn’t rule out walking away from the sport – even as he talked about the bitter taste left by the Packers’ divisional round playoff loss to the 49ers.

A former top adviser to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Lisa Schneider Fabes, is behind a paid social media campaign supporting challengers to the current Chicago Teachers Union leadership team in the union’s upcoming election.

There have been calls by different fan groups for Whisler to sell his majority stake in the Red Stars and certain minority owners have expressed their displeasure in Whisler’s lack of accountability.

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Planet Fitness imposes the use of facemasks in its gyms. The U.S. giant has opted to make the use of this sanitary item mandatory due to the outbreaks experienced in the country, where it has most of its 1,450 sports facilities. Users will be required to wear a facemask anywhere in the company’s facilities.

“Wellness is essential to our community today more than ever and we want gyms to be part of the solution in providing an effective healthcare system, so because of our position in the industry, we believe it is our responsibility to keep the focus on health,” said Chris Dondeau, CEO of the group.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in English and written by Grace Dickinson for The Inquirer. It was translated by Solmaira Valerio and edited by Gabriela Rivera for Kensington Voice.

“Gyms are an area for where we go to sweat and where we breathe heavily,” says Krys Johnson, an epidemiologist and assistant professor at Temple University. “When you’re around other people who are doing the same thing, it can be a high-risk environment, and because people can be asymptomatic and presymptomatic, it’s personally too big a risk for me.”

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With a virus that spreads primarily through respiratory droplets, you don’t want to be around people who are huffing and puffing. However,wearing a mask while exercising can also be problematic.

“Just walking and climbing a couple of flights of stairs with a mask is a challenge,” says Eric Sachinwalla, M.D., medical director of Infection Prevention and Control at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. “It affects your ability to breathe, so I don’t think it’s very realistic to do a full workout with a mask on.”

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