Does Shire still exist?


The city is located on the right (or south) bank of the Ebro river, on the boundary between the continental shelf and the Ebro delta; in fact, the easternmost part of the city is built on a marshy area. The municipality is the largest in the Montsiá region, of which Amposta is the capital. The town is bordered to the north by the river Ebro; to the east by San Jaime de Enveija and the Mediterranean Sea; to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and San Carlos de la Rápita; and to the west by Freginals, Masdenverge and Tortosa.

There are abundant remains and archaeological remains, such as an Iberian settlement with seven grain silos in the area of the castle, another in the area of Pla d’Empuries and a necropolis in Oriola, which make some historians like Esteve, Schulten and Bosch support the theory that in the current municipality of Amposta was located the city of Hibera, capital of the territory of the Ilercavones before the Roman conquest, and the first major Iberian settlement of the peninsula. The location of the town of Hibera is disputed by the towns of Amposta, San Carlos de la Rápita and Tortosa.

Ponferrada province

With this new section, we want to share stories of inhabitants of our region who, in one way or another, are related to Europe. We have found testimonies of people who have studied or worked, or still work, in other EU countries, as well as testimonies of people from other countries who have settled in the territory temporarily or permanently, and also have a lot to tell. We hope you enjoy them.

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Lorena Abedul, neighbor of Rasines, is one of those people of discreet presence that, nevertheless, hide very interesting stories and intense vital journeys that, in our opinion wrongly, are not usually associated to the inhabitants of rural areas. She is an expert psychologist in business sociology, and very recently, in September 2017, the European Economic and Competitiveness Association awarded her the European Medal for Merit at Work, “in recognition of her merits, relevant services to the EU and her extraordinary works”.

Ponferrada inhabitants

Nowadays there are few territories considered comarcas, since the growth of large cities has caused many of these territories to disappear due to the lack of employment opportunities and the migration of the population to urban areas. However, many of them (existing in a high proportion in Western Europe, where the concept originated) continue to exist and are considered some of the most picturesque and traditional community forms. In many cases, as far as cultural and social issues are concerned, comarcas tend to show a conservative spirit, wary of innovations and of entering into deep contact with the outside world. However, they are also centers in which local identity is very important and this also serves to shape the type of national identity.


The first will offer us a detour through a region of oak groves, soft meadows and mountains, which will lead us to Hinojosa de la Sierra and El Royo. From there, a network of roads leads to the heart of the region, connecting with the N-111 and the rest of the towns along the route.

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Almajano is nestled in the wide plain of the Merdancho. It is a crossroads (it can be accessed by the N-122 and the SO-V6101). It is located at a distance of 14.2 kilometers from the capital of Soria, following the road to the arches of San Juan de Duero, heading northeast. It borders with the towns of: Cirujales, Canos, Renieblas and Pedraza.