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There are many Mercedes-Benz vehicles that can be camperized to travel with them without the ties of a hotel. However, not everyone knows the possibilities of camperization offered by the trucks of the star brand. Today we would like to introduce you to nine authentic motor homes created on the basis of a Mercedes-Benz Trucks model.

Despite this, the nine examples that we propose below are a clear example that any model of Mercedes-Benz Trucks can be the perfect base on which to create a real motor home.

Motorhome builder Magellano has created the Edition 1, a motorhome that uses a Mercedes-Benz Actros 1842 truck with a GigaSpace cab measuring 10.60 meters long, 3.99 meters high and 2.50 meters wide as its base.

These dimensions may be sufficient for day-to-day use, but Edition 1 has two extendable areas that increase the living space. When stationary, we can unfold the sleeping area into a spacious lounge and the rear bedroom, where the first of the three 1.80 x 2.00 meter double beds is located.

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Self-sufficient water wheel, generator of mechanical potential energy for the production of electricity consisting of an electricity generating plant thanks to the potential energy contained in a liquid contained in an upper container (1), from this container through pipes that can withstand the pressure exerted by that potential energy falls the liquid to three intermediate containers (2). From these three intermediate containers (2), three pipes (6, 7, 8) come out, one from each of the intermediate containers (2). Subsequently, the liquid passes through a structure that could be a water wheel or turbine, to finally reach a lower container (3). From the container (3) the liquid is lifted back to the upper container (1) through a refill pipe (8).

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B. Using a female plug, in which two perforations were made, one for the 2″ pipe and another for a ½” pipe, which were welded to this a 10″ extension, at whose ends two rings were placed so that with these to connect the lower suction pipe, with the upper pipe where the bilge pump is installed, and this 4″ female plug was screwed to the upper protruding end of the 4″ pipe, which is the one that serves as the gauging of the deep well, and when the female plug was screwed, the ends of the 2″ pipe were free, either to connect the dewatering pump, or to take out from it, the ends of the 2″ pipe, either to connect the dewatering pump, or to take out from it the 2″ pipe, which is the one that serves as the gauging of the deep well.

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Boondocking is all the rage in the motorhome and van community. Not only can it make a trip more fun and adventurous, but it also allows you to see remote locations where there are no services or hookups available.

Boondocking is a form of camping that takes place off the grid, without the water, sewer and electrical services that are usually available at campgrounds or RV parks. Boondockers park their vehicles in national forests, parking lots, truck stops, rest areas, trailheads and other locations without having to pay campground fees. Who doesn’t want free camping?

Boondocking in a motorhome is cheap and easy. Campers forgo the convenience of campgrounds to enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about reservation processes, fees, site assignments, crowds and campground restrictions.

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By camping off the grid and not relying on RV park locations and developed campgrounds, you can explore remote lands and off-the-beaten-path destinations for days or weeks at a time. Boondocking is also a practical way to spend the night almost anywhere. When you’re on a tight schedule or on your way to a destination, you can park at a free parking lot overnight to save time and money….

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The Mercedes Metris is the U.S. version of the Mercedes Vito that the German brand sells in Europe, but there was a difference between the two: the model sold in the U.S. did not offer the possibility of camperization. Until now: thanks to the agreement that Mercedes has reached with the manufacturer of recreational vehicles Driverge, the Mercedes Metris joins the camper fashion.

Camper vans: an alternative for adventure loversSttugart has noticed the growing demand for this type of vehicle in the United States. Therefore, they have decided to intensify their efforts to satisfy those drivers looking to transform the Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Sprinter into camper vans. This has been the starting point of their collaboration with Driverge to shape the Mercedes Metris Getaway.

This is the Mercedes Metris GetawayRebautized with that name, it offers a series of improvements aimed at making life more comfortable on the road. Driverge has installed, as standard, features such as a multi-purpose rear seat that transforms into a bed and has made the front row rotatable to transform the motorhome into a lounge in seconds.

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