How can I stop my Neighbours trespassing?

Boundary problems with neighbors

First of all, let’s see what the Horizontal Property Law says, which as you know is the one that is applied in the Communities of Neighbors. Article 7.1. of the Horizontal Property Law states that: “the owner of each apartment or premises may modify the architectural elements, installations or services of the same when it does not impair or alter the safety of the building, its general structure, its configuration or exterior condition, or prejudice the rights of another owner, and must give prior notice of such works to the person representing the community. In the rest of the building he will not be able to carry out any alteration and if he notices the need of urgent repairs he will have to communicate it without delay to the administrator”.

The common elements that can be affected by a reform in our house are the facade, the balconies, the terraces, the patios, facilities that affect to the rest of the community or adjoining partitions with the hall. To carry out works that affect these elements we will have to inform the president and to obtain the permission of the majority of the neighbors of the community of proprietors.

How to make neighbors leave?

Sing loudly, frequently, and the most annoying songs you can think of, which will make your neighbor feel annoyed at home. Explain to your neighbor the fact that you have the right to practice your art if he asks you to lower the volume of your singing.

How do I isolate my neighbor’s noise?

How to insulate a wall from noise without building work

Nowadays, the most practical and economical method is by means of 3 cm thick extruded polystyrene tongue and groove panels, directly glued or screwed on the support itself, i.e. the wall or the ceiling.

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How to isolate the sound of a microphone?

Noise Reduction in Windows

Select your microphone again, but now instead of clicking on “Configure”, click on “Properties” and go to the “Levels” tab. Here you will be able to modify the microphone pickup level or volume, and if you lower it you will be able to slightly reduce the background noise it picks up.

How to solve conflicts with neighbors

Do your neighbors make noise? If the answer is yes, the problem may have several solutions, although the best is usually to talk amicably. If not, we propose some solutions so that your rest is not affected by a bad coexistence.

If you are reading this, it is possible that you have already passed the stage of trying to talk nicely with your neighbor. If not, cheer up because that is always the first step. If your problem is shared with the rest of the neighbors you can go to the president or the administrator to send a kind letter to the neighbor in question suggesting him to moderate his activities. But if, as is often the case, you suffer your problem alone, the options become more complicated and many of them involve spending a lot of money.

How to report a dangerous neighbor?

089″ Anonymous Reporting Service

Through the 089 service, reports are channeled to the corresponding authorities immediately taking into consideration the type of complaint. Here, all the pertinent information will be taken anonymously.

What are the personal problems?

Personal problems

An individual problem is one that only causes harm or discomfort to a single person. Among its characteristics, the following stand out: It must have a solution. It can be observed by the person who suffers it.

What are the problems of today’s society?

Social problems are those that afflict large sectors of the population and have to do with the objective and subjective conditions of life in society. Their causes can be found in economic, political, etc. aspects.

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Problems with neighbors examples

Identify the type of noise you suffer from and get to work to insulate the room from neighbor noise. A good way to plan where to start and how, is to think about the source: insulate the ceiling or insulate the walls against noise from neighbors. We share with you some basic tricks to help you without spending too much.

If the sound is caused by the people next door or downstairs, don’t worry. There are simple solutions, without building work or extraordinary expenses, to insulate walls against noise from neighbors. We share with you these 3 basic tricks:

If what you are looking for is to insulate the ceiling against the noise of the upstairs neighbors, you have it a little more complicated, although not impossible. The most common solution if you do not know how to soundproof a room is to place a false ceiling.

The false ceiling creates an air chamber between your home and that of the neighbor with the high heels or the neighbor who moves chairs in the wee hours of the morning. This air chamber significantly reduces the transmission of vibrations or sound waves. It’s a simple, quick and clean job, but it does involve an expense on your part.

Where do technical problems occur?

Technical problems occur when a need arises and cannot be satisfied, so it is necessary to identify the cause or reason why we cannot achieve what we want.

How are technical problems classified?

Open: when presenting them, solutions are not presented, but must be found. Closed: they are approached from the solutions already proposed. Methodological: they imply a strict method or process to be solved. Valorative: involving the area of values (axiological).

How to thermally insulate a wall?

Also to thermally insulate the walls is often resorted to the installation of panels, fixed to the wall and then covered with plasterboard or other type of coating. The materials can be synthetic: expanded polystyrene panels, plasterboard, or ecological materials such as cork.

My neighbor occupies part of my land peru

However, if you want to go a little further and learn about other ways to protect your home besides having a security system, or if you live in a rented home or are unable to purchase a home security system, we have compiled a list of 10 tips that may help discourage burglars from burglarizing your home.

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You’ll notice that one of the common denominators in this list is simply not to make yourself an available target. This is, without a doubt, the most important piece of advice we can give. If you don’t look like you have much they can steal, that may be enough to encourage burglars to move on to the next house. If you have a nice car, keep it in the garage.    If you have a big TV, keep the windows closed at night. If you just bought something new and expensive, don’t leave the box on the street. The last thing you want is to make your home an easy target.

Even after you’ve taken all these precautions, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply not offer them a way in. Avoid letting shrubbery overgrow near doors and windows, and burglars won’t have a protected way to sneak in. High fences for privacy and other ways to hide your home can also encourage burglars to make it a target.