How can I watch Spanish news?

See today’s news live

In some sections, such as technology, the interface is different, as it shows a list of general topics to which you can subscribe. To subscribe to one of these topics, also click on the + button at the top right of each of the cards presented to you.

When you enter some of these categories, you will see two different cards. One of them is to show you the topics or people you follow, and underneath there are others with suggestions based on your activity. Click on the View all option of the Activity-based card to be shown a complete collection of recommendations.

How can I see the news on Google?

Whether your cell phone is Android or iOS, the process in both cases to receive news from INFORMATION in Google Discover is very simple. All you have to do is look for the Google bar and access the Discover option, which appears with an asterisk, or the letter G for Google.

What to do to receive news?

On your mobile device, open the Google News app. At the top right, tap your profile picture or initial photo. Press News Settings . To get notifications, turn on Receive Notifications.

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Why is no news appearing in Google?

Your administrator may have disabled access to Google News. For more information, please contact your account administrator. You will not be able to use the app because it does not have a no-access mode. To access Google News, switch to a personal Gmail account.

Today’s news in Spanish

Judge dismissed for challenging gay marriage aspires to be attorney general781 kilos of coca valued at ¢3,000 million in Pacific watersKilled municipal employee dies after colliding with sand mound left on route 32 Juvenile magma in Rincón de la Vieja volcano suggests more eruptions to comeExconvict dies after being shot in Río Azul de La UniónEconomy

Costa Rica and the Mexican Empire: Bicentennial of a historical nexusIf you like ‘One Piece’ you should read ‘Wanted!’, the manga that gave rise to the successful anime ‘Olena’, a novel by Ofelia Deschamps Sin tesis¡Orgullo tico! Artist Leandro Moya will have a tour of exhibitions in EuropeRevista Dominical

AvoGarden: a restaurant where the avocado is kingDay and night tours, the new attraction of Villa Lapas Hotel13-meter Sailfish: a cry for the environmentTips to reinvent personal and professional imageJacqueline Aubourg, an Angel Investor who flies high

How can I receive the news on my cell phone?

On your mobile device, open the Google News app. At the top right, tap your photo. Tap News Settings . To receive a daily digest, under “Alerts,” turn on the Daily Digest option.

How to disable Google news on the cell phone?

Once you enter the Settings menu, now you have to click on the General section that will appear first. You will go to a screen where several different options appear. Here, find and disable the Discover option by clicking on the toggle to the right of it.

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How to remove the news from my cell phone?

How to disable Google News

Enter the Settings menu. Go to Notifications. In the list of apps, look for Google News. On the next screen, check the Block notifications or Mute option.

Google News in English

Note: Some features are being phased in gradually for organizations that have opted into the Targeted Version program. This means that you may not yet be able to see this feature or may see it look different than described in the help articles.

News is displayed as a custom feed in the SharePoint home and mobile app. It can also be displayed on group sites, communication sites, and hub sites. You can also choose to display News in a Teams channel.

SharePoint News SharePoint displays a custom news feed in a few places, one of them at the top of the SharePoint home page in the section titled Site News.

Note: You may see news in your custom feed from a site you have recently visited only once. Unless you are a frequent visitor or follow this site, you will end up leaving the feed as new news posts populate the feed.

Which channel is the news channel?

Canal 44 El Canal de las Noticias, or simply Canal 44, is an independent regional television network originating in Mexico and owned by Grupo Intermedia, Arnoldo Cabada de la O’s company.

Where can I watch adn40 live?

Report ADN 40 Live. To enjoy the complete content of TV Azteca.

Where can I watch Milenio TV live?

Milenio TV Live on YouTube.

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Today’s telemundo news

The World Bank’s work in Mexico is organized around a model that offers comprehensive and customized solutions for development through a package of financial, knowledge and coordination tools across all branches of the institution.

With a population of nearly 130 million, a rich cultural history and great diversity, favorable geography and abundant natural resources, Mexico is among the fifteen largest economies in the world and the second largest in Latin America. The country has strong macroeconomic institutions and is open to trade.