How did New Boston Texas get its name?

Texas, Mexico

The state has an international border with Mexico, in the S-SW, with the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. The U.S. federal states bordering Texas are Louisiana and Arkansas to the east, Oklahoma to the northwest, and New Mexico to the west.

The borders of Texas have long been the subject of dispute between the European colonial powers and the United States. Today, several rivers mark those borders: the Rio Grande River (Rio Grande to the Mexicans) to the south; the Red River to the north; and the Sabine River to the east.[2] Texas belongs to several regional clusters.

Texas belongs to several regional clusters: for its climate and economic dynamism, to the Sun Belt; for its history and culture, to the Southern United States; for its past and its relations with the neighboring country, to the Gulf of Mexico and Mexamerica region.

With 10 climatic regions, 14 soil regions, and 11 distinct ecological regions, regional classification is problematic given the differences in soils, topography, geology, precipitation, and plant and animal communities.[3] The region’s climate, topography, geology, precipitation, and plant and animal communities are also very different from each other.[3

Where is Texas

We already talked in a previous article about the most characteristic accents of British English, and today we wanted to continue talking about the variety of accents in English, in this case with a compilation of the most striking accents of North American English. There are many more, but these are in our opinion the most characteristic ones, and the ones that any student of English should learn to identify.

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Although it is popularly known as the Boston accent, this type of accent can actually be heard anywhere in the New England area, the northeastern coastal states around the state of Massachusetts.

One of its peculiarities is the pronunciation of words ending in “ar” as “ah” – the typical example is the phrase Park the car in Harvard Yard, which in Boston accent sounds like Pahk the cah(r) in Hahvuhd Yahd.

In this accent the “o” sound is modified, making it somewhat more rounded, sounding like “aw”. This affects the pronunciation of words such as coffee, which sounds like cawfee, or dog which is pronounced dawg.  They also do the opposite, turning the “a” sound into “o” in words like call, talk and ball.

Flora of Texas

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Houston, texas map

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