How to know when my telcel plan ends

Portability affects the change of tariff, as long as it is of that type. And it affects service cancellations, portabilities to another operator or migrations with change of operator and change from contract to card, or the other way around. In these cases, the consumer is limited in that the change can be made, but must assume the payment of a penalty which, since some time ago, does not have a fixed amount, but each day that passes, the proportional part of the maximum amount is subtracted. And to consult these details, simply consult the operator with whom the mobile telephone services are contracted.

How do I know when my Movistar contract runs out?

In the case of Movistar, on the My Movistar web page, the customer can access the Personal Data section and, here, in the Permanence Commitments menu, the details of all the lines can be reviewed. The start and end of the contract, as well as the amount of the penalty.

What happens when my AT&T plan ends?

Thank you for joining the community, I comment that if your AT&T plan has already ended, you can keep your number without any inconvenience, but it depends on the type of plan you had to wait certain days for your number to become prepaid, if you have any questions related to the information of your line and / or plan …

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How do I know if I am a cardholder or a contract holder?

In CONTRACT, your tariff is activated on the 1st of each month and you can enjoy it until the end of the month. You are billed monthly in arrears. In PREPAYMENT, you top up the balance on your card and we deduct from the balance your monthly rate and the consumption made on the line that is outside the rate.

My movistar contract

Contract modifications entitle the subscriber to cancel the contract without penalty. In the communication informing the subscriber of the contract modification, the operator must also reflect this right, i.e. the right to cancel the contract without penalty if the subscriber does not accept the new conditions.

If the operator does not resolve in favor of the subscriber, or if one month has elapsed since the subscriber has complained, the complaint may be addressed to the Administration in accordance with the procedure described in the section on Complaints.

Royal Decree 899/2009, of May 22, 2009, approving the charter of rights of the user of electronic communications services. This regulation distinguishes between the rights applicable to all users, to users of the telephone service (fixed and mobile) and those applicable only to users of fixed telephony.

The rights of a subscriber through the prepaid system are the same as those of any other subscriber, except those derived from the prepaid modality. Prepaid subscribers will be subject to the general conditions that the operator has communicated to the Administration. Like any other user, they may request a copy of the subscription contract from the operator free of charge. The contract must also include the procedure for checking the balance, recharging and recognizing the right to call unbundling.

How do I know my Movistar postpaid contract number?

Check the email address associated with the line you want to pay and locate the invoices they send, there is the contract number used to pay.

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How do I know how much is left on my AT&T plan?

Did you know that from the my AT&T APP you can check your plan information and your contracted benefits. Do you want to know more? Activate it, forget about your payment date and get a lower monthly payment.

Which is better to have a contract or prepaid card?

Advantages of using prepaid tariffs

You pay for what you spend. While with contract tariffs some months you will not spend all the data and others you will be short. With prepaid tariffs you can perfectly control your expenses by monitoring and taking advantage of every last megabyte.

How to download my at&t contract

The platform, in a first stage, will allow consumers to cancel their telecommunications service contracts within one working day. In the future, other markets will be added, such as financial, retail, alarm services, among others.

Through the platform “Me Quiero Salir”, consumers will be able to request the cancellation of telecommunication service contracts, for example, telephony, internet, cable TV, and companies will have one working day to comply with the request.

Once the request has been made by consumers, the telecommunications companies will have one business day to comply with the request. Otherwise, they would be in violation of the Telecommunications Regulation and the Consumer Law.

Although telecommunications companies must respect this deadline, each one of them has its own billing and/or equipment return policies, so they may request payments for the period of effective service provision and/or equipment returns, which must be adequately informed to users.

What is a prepaid tariff?

With a prepaid tariff, the user deposits money in his card in advance to spend it on minutes, data or messages.

What is a mobile prepaid card?

The prepaid card is a type of card that allows us to anticipate the monthly expenses we are going to make with our cell phone. As users, we will advance an amount of money, in exchange for a certain amount of data and minutes in calls in our mobile tariff.

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What is the contract number?

A contract number is a unique identification number for each contract.

How to know how much I owe on my at&t equipment.

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Postpaid Roaming services do not allow online pricing, Roaming charges may take up to 3 months to be included in your billing. The customer understands and accepts that MOVILSTOP and Credit Limit services do not apply in Roaming and these consumptions may generate additional charges to such limits. The restriction of the account will occur when +Móvil has received and processed the international billing files and those charges exceed the pre-established limits for the customer’s account.