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Through WhatsApp we can receive hundreds of messages a day because of their groups, and if we do not have properly configured notifications can become a real madness, with our mobile is every two to three beeping.

WhatsApp offers a variety of options to configure notifications, such as customizing the sounds by contacts and groups, or muting contacts or groups that do not interest us. Here we show you our most complete guide to adjust the notifications of the most used messaging client.

To configure the default notifications we have to go to Settings > Notifications. There we can customize message notifications (private chat) and group notifications. We can customize the notification tone, the vibration and the color of the light if our mobile has a notification LED. We can also customize the tone and vibration of the call notifications.

If what we want is to customize the notifications what we have to do is to go to the information of a chat or group and activate the custom notifications. There we can make a different sound for each contact or group, with or without vibration or a different light, among other options. Here we can silence a contact forever by removing the sound and vibration.

How can I receive notifications from another cell phone?

Mirrordrin is an application to forward notifications from one Android device to another. Very useful if you usually go with two cell phones on you. There are people who have to live with two devices (even more) daily.

How to group WhatsApp notifications?

To configure the default notifications we have to go to Settings > Notifications. There we can customize message notifications (private chat) and group notifications.

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Why do I get messages only when I open WhatsApp?

Turn off your phone, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again. Reset application preferences in Settings > Applications > Menu button > Reset preferences. … These programs do not allow WhatsApp to receive messages when the app is not open.

Whatsapp notifications on screen

Android is a system that lets you tweak everything to leave it to your liking, is its main asset, that allows you to install alternative clients to the most popular apps, so you have your own network of apps that fit your needs.

Now is where we can see the full potential of Android, you have free rein to select which notifications you want and which ones you don’t want.  Imagine that you want to open the normal videos with YouTube Vanced, and the direct and comments of your videos you want to open them with the classic YouTube app, it is as simple as disabling the notifications you want from one app and have them active in the other.  And if you want to replace one app for the other completely (as is the case of the example), simply disable all notifications.

What is synchronizing notifications?

Synchronizing notifications between devices

This application allows us to manage notifications more conveniently when we use more than one device. Sometimes we have applications installed on a tablet and not on the mobile or vice versa and Bridge allows us to interact with them.

How to group notifications?

Notifix, or how to group notifications by category on your Android phone. Notifix is an application that is available for free in the Google app store. It allows, as we say, to group notifications by category.

Why do I get messages only when I open WhatsApp iphone?

According to WhatsApp, on its web portal, this is due to a fault between your phone and the internet connection. … Check that the option Restrict background data is disabled: to do this go to your phone, go to Settings, Apps, App Manager, WhatsApp, Data usage.

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I am not receiving text message notifications.

Is there anything more annoying than hearing 25 beeps in a row from WhatsApp, Telegram or Hangouts group notifications? One option is to completely mute all annoying groups, of course, but it may also be the case that we need to be relatively attentive to what is being said in one of them. We’ve all been in groups where there are one or two members who use seven lines to write a message, but that does not mean that we are not interested in being aware of what happens inside.Instead of completely silencing a group, what I recommend is an application that, in very few words, allows you to put limits on notifications from any application installed on your phone. And when I talk about “limits” I mean something as simple as setting a minimum time for a notification from the same application not to be repeated; it can be two, five or 30 seconds, whatever you consider appropriate.

By doing this, what you will get -following the example of WhatsApp- is to receive only the first of the hundreds of notifications that can be in a group for 35 seconds. If after that time there is any other notification, the application will notify you of it (and again wait 35 seconds until the next notification is received).Mutifier – Download

Why don’t I sometimes get WhatsApp messages?

From its questions and answers site, WhatsApp explained that one of the reasons why you do not receive messages until you open the application is because you have muted the notifications of a chat or have completely disabled them throughout the app, so you should go to the settings of your phone and click on the …

Why am I not receiving notifications?

Go to notification management and verify that allow notifications is active. Then go to notifications, press notifications on lock screen and select show. Go to power consumption details, then tap start apps and enable manage automatically.

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Why am I not receiving notifications?

Check if the notification appears in the Android notification tray or notification bar. Check that you have enabled notifications on your phone. Android Settings > Apps (then Manage apps, for some users) > Signal > Select Show notifications.

Popup notifications whatsapp android 10

Have you noticed that every time you receive a message on your iPhone the notification alert sounds twice?  The first one, right at the moment you receive the message; the second one, two minutes later. This feature is great, especially if it was a message of some importance and for whatever reason, you hadn’t noticed it was there waiting to be read and replied to. But if you don’t want to receive this alert twice, you can disable the feature. You can even set it to alert you up to 10 times in two-minute intervals, which is ideal for the more absent-minded. Let’s see how to disable repeated message notifications.

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