How to activate the notification led moto g8 plus

Holaaa!!! I have the same problem as yours! Since I updated my moto g 2nd generation to andriod version 6.0 I have the same problem as you!!!! If you could solve it please tell me how you did!!! I do not know what to do, I leave my wp: 3413743696 thank you!!!

Thanks, that solves the problem of the notification bar, but the update on the moto g, produces more failures as the home button that stops working and does not allow factory restore from settings. Motorola should fix this since I did recovery mode worked fine and it happened again.

Since I updated to android 6.0 my phone has only caused failures. Now out of nowhere it turned off and when I turned it on I could not see any notification, it vibrated, but I did not know what application it came from. It wouldn’t even lock the phone and no calls would come in.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, it worked perfectly, although as others say, the “Home” button (the circular button) still does not work, at least it fixed the notification bar and the lock to the cell phone. Thank you very much again.

How to disable notifications in Moto G?

Swipe down with two fingers from the top edge of the screen. Select Notifications. Select the desired application. Select the indicator next to “Lock all” to enable or disable the feature.

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Why is my WhatsApp not ringing?

Why WhatsApp notifications don’t sound

Go to the Settings of your cell phone. There go to Applications. … Activate the button that says “All WhatsApp notifications”. This will enable the notification sounds for all the messages you receive.

How to activate notification light?

On Android phones you should verify that you have the “LED Notifications” tool. Enter the “Settings” menu, open the “Accessibility” tab and select “Advanced Settings”. In the notifications, select “Flash notification”, and finally activate “Camera flash”.

Motorola g30 has led notifications

You can configure the notifications of the Moto G8 Plus to sound as you want, so that only the most important ones bother you or simply to hide confidential content if someone has spoken to you and you do not want it to appear.

You can also choose the level of urgency for app notifications. For example, if you want some to appear when you are busy or others not to bother you at those times, depending on how important each one is. You can choose between:

If you want to change the level of urgency, press and hold the icon of the app in question, tap on the Info button that will appear on the screen and tap on “Notifications”. Once here you can tap on the name of a notification category and choose the “Behavior” option to make one selection or the other.

What are Motorola notification points?

Android Notification Dots

Notification dots inform you about new messages, missed calls, email and news depending on each application and/or game.

How to remove WhatsApp Motorola sound?

Change the ringtone of messages and calls on Android.

This is the section with the bell icon. Within the Notifications menu, now go to the Messages section. There, you can click on Notification tone to change the sound that WhatsApp will emit when someone sends you a message.

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How to make WhatsApp messages ring?

The volume of the conversation tones is determined by the volume of your phone’s notifications. To enable or disable these tones, follow these steps: Open WhatsApp. Tap More options > Settings > Notifications > turn Conversation Tones on or off.

Why the notifications do not sound on my motorola

If the cell phone does not restart, press the power button for about 10 to 20 seconds until it force restarts. Some users report that the LED light is still on, even when the cell phone is turned off.

Press and hold the power button for 10 to 20 seconds, the device will reboot and start the boot sequence. Notes: Forced reboot will not erase the data on your phone. If the device does not react to a hard reset, contact our support team here.

Try disconnecting the router and turning off the phone. Wait a minute and turn the router back on, then turn your phone back on. If the Wi-Fi problem persists, take a look to see if the phone can connect via Bluetooth.

3-button navigation: use the , and buttons. Advanced > 1-button navigation: use the Moto Actions drag-and-swipe gestures to scroll….Change System navigation – moto g7 play.

To disable the “Back” button, or any other button, you must have access to the phone’s “root” (administrator) software, a file explorer with administrator access, and a text editor. Note that without the “Back” button, many Android functions and applications will not work properly.

Why are the notifications not ringing?

Check if the notification appears in the Android notification tray or notification bar. Check that you have enabled notifications on your phone. Android Settings > Apps (then Manage apps, for some users) > Signal > Select Show notifications.

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How to activate the WhatsApp notification?

To configure the default notifications we have to go to Settings > Notifications. There we can customize message notifications (private chat) and group notifications.

How to activate the location of a cell phone remotely?

Go to “Biometric data and security” in Settings. Find the “Find my phone” option and activate it. Enter the options and check the “Remote unlock” and “Send my last location” to have all the remote tools available.

Notifications moto g20

The Moto Display is one of the most valued features of Motorola cell phones as it allows you to access the details of each of the notifications without having to unlock the device. How to hide WhatsApp notifications to maintain privacy?

The configuration is actually valid for any app, but we use WhatsApp as it is one of the most widespread messaging options. The same steps will work to find out why notifications do not appear on the Moto Display.

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