Childcare assistance for working mothers

In some Autonomous Communities (as I indicate in the post “how to pay less on the income tax return”, there is already a deduction for childcare expenses in income, but the Treasury has taken out a state-level aid, effective from the 2018 income, of 1,000 € so that, and all communities, can have this type of subsidy. Do you want to know if you belong to collect it? Then read on

The school center must transmit the information of each minor, regardless of whether they know the situation or not of the mother, since that will already be checked in the individual income of each taxpayer.

Yes, the payments made by both parents are taken into account, regardless of which of the two has made them, it will be the mother who will have the right to collect the aid in her income, even if the payments have been made from an account in the name of the other parent.

Who is entitled to the deduction for childcare expenses?

The childcare voucher in the form of a personal income tax deduction gives a break to families with young children whose parents work. Working mothers can benefit from a deduction of up to 1,000 euros for schooling expenses for children up to 3 years of age.

How does the childcare ticket work?

The childcare check or ticket consists of the company paying directly for the employee’s childcare through a third party company, the amount of which is deducted from the employee’s paycheck. It operates in a similar way to meal tickets or meal cards.

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How much is the IRS refunding you for childcare?

Up to 1,000 euros deduction for day care expenses.

Up to €1,000/year per child can be deducted for registration and tuition fees and attendance and feeding expenses, provided they are for full months.

Deductions for kindergarten

The application for admission can be obtained at the Provincial Delegations of Education, at any of the Early Childhood Education Centers dependent on the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment and in the Forms section of this schooling portal. By clicking on the following link you can access this section and download the Application forms.

You can apply for a school place in any nursery school belonging to the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment. The list of centers can be consulted in this schooling portal by accessing the following link List of centers as well as in the corresponding Provincial Delegation of Education.

By Resolution of April 4, 2012 of the General Secretariat of Education, the areas of influence of the Early Childhood Education Centers of first cycle dependent on the Regional Ministry of Education and Culture were established. The same may be consulted in this schooling portal by accessing the following link Zones of influence, as well as on the bulletin boards of the Provincial Delegations of Education and Early Childhood Education Centers.

How much does a day care center charge per hour?

Late fee per extra hour until before 7:30 pm: $80.00. Late fee after 7:31 pm is $150.00 (No fractions are charged).

How much do they charge at the IMSS day care center?

The childcare service is free of charge for the IMSS employee who is a member of the IMSS. The resources of the daycare insurance are an employer’s contribution in accordance with the Social Security Law.

How are childcare expenses deducted?

For childcare expenses for children under 3 years of age, there is a deduction of 15% of the amounts paid during the tax period, with a maximum of 400 euros per year for each child [box 0924].

Form 233

Let us look at the example of the Community of Madrid, where the assistance normally varies between 100 and 350 euros per month. With the exception of families with very low incomes, in which case it may cover the full cost of childcare. This type of “childcare check” works like any other scholarship, it varies according to the per capita income of the family.

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The aid is 1200€ and is received as a refund in the Income Tax Return. It is not necessary to apply for it, it is obtained automatically. Mothers only have to make sure that it is included in their Draft Income Tax Return.

The best thing about this help is that parents do not have to do anything to receive it. The Nursery or Child Education center is in charge of communicating everything to the Tax Authorities through the form 233. The parents only have to make sure that the aid is contemplated in the draft of the Declaration, to receive the total as return.

It is important to highlight that these three aids or deductions are for mothers in their Income Tax Return. It will only be received by the father when the Declaration is joint, when he has sole custody or due to the death of the mother. It is for natural children, adopted children under guardianship or foster care.

How to apply for the 100 euro allowance for working mothers?

The application for the benefit must be made through the Tax Agency by filing form 140, both electronically and in person. The ‘dependent child allowance’ replaces the previous ‘points allowance’ and is welfare and non-contributory.

Where to put childcare expenses on the 2020 rent?

This deduction is found in box 881 in the Renta 2020 and establishes a maximum limit of 250 euros for each child while under three years of age, while the maximum remains at 125 euros in the year in which the children turn three years old.

What educational expenses can be deducted?

Deduction for educational expenses:

5% of the cost of costumes for school use. 10% of language training expenses. 15% of mandatory schooling expenses. The maximum deduction per child is 400 euros per year, which increases to 900 euros per year if schooling expenses are paid.

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Childcare center in the community of madrid

Companies with employees who have children in day-care centers can pay them this expense (day-care check) and impute it to them as remuneration in kind, in such a way that both the employee and the company will obtain benefits, especially the employee who will be able to see an increase in his net monthly salary.

This option allows an employee to ask the company to pay directly the costs of the childcare bills, deducting the corresponding monetary remuneration from the employee’s paycheck. In this case, the amounts paid directly by the companies to the daycare centers will be exempt from income tax.

If it is the company that pays the childcare expenses directly, such remuneration in kind will be exempt from personal income tax. Therefore, if a part of the monetary remuneration is replaced by this salary in kind, the employee will no longer pay income tax on a part of his or her salary, and in this way, his or her net salary will increase monthly.

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