How do you know where you can Boondock?


Boondocking is all the rage in the motorhome and van community. Not only can it make a trip more fun and adventurous, but it also allows you to see remote locations where no services or hookups are available.

Boondocking is a form of camping that takes place off the grid, without the water, sewer and electrical services that are usually available at campgrounds or RV parks. Boondockers park their vehicles in national forests, parking lots, truck stops, rest areas, trailheads and other locations without having to pay campground fees. Who doesn’t want free camping?

Boondocking in a motorhome is cheap and easy. Campers forgo the convenience of campgrounds to enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about reservation processes, fees, site assignments, crowds and campground restrictions.

By camping off the grid and not relying on RV park locations and developed campgrounds, you can explore remote lands and off-the-beaten-path destinations for days or weeks at a time. Boondocking is also a practical way to spend the night almost anywhere. When you’re on a tight schedule or on your way to a destination, you can park in a free parking lot overnight to save time and money….

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From 2005 to 2014, the animated TV show “The Boondocks” delivered smart, funny, thematic social intelligence and plenty of kung fu-style action in 55 episodes and four seasons. In fact, ShackNews called it “one of the best American anime ever created” (though not all Rotten Tomatoes reviewers loved the show). Now, the series based on a comic strip by creator Aaron McGruder is getting a reboot. There have been numerous delays in getting this new project off the ground, making its release date something of a moving target, but fans are now hoping that the release of the new cartoon series will come soon.

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The satirical show, which has never shied away from controversy, follows the Freeman family – Riley, Huey and Robert Jebediah (aka “Grandpa”) – who reside in an all-white suburban neighborhood. In the past, the series was almost prophetic in the way it predicted events like, oh, a pandemic in “The Fried Chicken Flu.” This time around, “The Boondocks” promises to bring its relentlessly direct style of political commentary and black cultural criticism to today’s political atmosphere, making it a bold and welcome addition to the current TV landscape. Here’s what we know about “The Boondocks” reboot at this time.


The main goal of Farmville is to create a large, thriving farm. A player can achieve this by planting crops, planting trees, buying animals and building ornaments or buildings. When a player plants a crop, it will grow for a period of time. After this period, the crop can be harvested, earning the farmer coins. If a farmer does not raise the crop in time, it will wither. Each crop will wither in a different time (the same harvest time of the crop). The wither article has information about this. When a farmer becomes more successful, he can produce more crops, buy a bigger farm and buy more items.

As a player progresses through Farmville, they will gain experience, which in turn will earn them levels. Experience can be gained by planting crops or trees, constructing buildings, buying items from the market, helping neighbors on farms and houses by giving strays or stray animals. Once a player gains enough experience, he reaches the next level. At higher levels, farmers will be able to buy new items at the market and send new gifts. At some levels additional rewards are given, such as mastering crops at level 10.

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A power inverter is a must-have accessory when you are thinking about owning an RV. If you want your equipment in your RV, such as a computer, TV, lights to work normally, you need an inverter to power them properly.

You must distinguish direct current and alternating current if you want to understand what an inverter is. Alternating current is always called AC, and direct current is called DC. DC usually comes from the solar panel and flows in one direction and flows around 12V. It is usually around 120V and can change direction.

You need to prepare an inverter when you go camping because you never know what will happen. Your TV or computer will not run on battery or solar panel alone because of its 12V DC. These items need 120V AC. So don’t hesitate to buy an inverter if you want to go to Boondock or camping where it doesn’t offer electrical hookups.

We offer many RV power inverters that have built-in transfer switches that allow you to go back and forth between shore and inverter power. Our inverter chargers allow you to use the inverter with city or generator power to recharge batteries when you have access to AC. Please contact us if you need more information about RV inverters.

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