A short news item

It is often confused with the journalistic note, which is a journalistic genre that deals with the news. The journalistic note is an informative text par excellence and it is the one that best applies the characteristics indicated for the writing of a news item. That is to say, it is here where the 6 W’s resource and the writing with the inverted pyramid format fully work.[4].

It is necessary for a news item to answer six basic questions,[5][6] formulated as the six W’s, or the five W’s and the H for its initials in English. In this way, readers, viewers, radio listeners and cybernauts will be able to understand the veracity of the event.

What are the parts of a news story for children?

Parts of the news item You should consider the parts of the news item described below: The Headline: Highlights the most important part of the news item. The entry: Summarizes the news and answers the basic questions. The body: This is the text and narrates the events in order of importance: the most important first.

What is the order of the news?

The journalist orders the data in the news narrative in decreasing order of importance: he starts from the most important data to reach the less significant ones that will close the body of the news. The news follows an inverted pyramid structure.

What are the 5 basic questions to ask when writing a news story?

All news needs to include the answer to the following questions, which in the American school of journalism are called the 5 W’s: What has happened; Who are the protagonists; Where has it happened; When has it happened; and Why has it happened.

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Structure of the news story

The news presented in newspapers, such as the ones you have consulted, offer an outline (parts of the news) so that readers can easily identify what it is about and find the information that answers the questions: what, who, when, where, why and how. To this end, they are structured as follows:

The news reaches the readers after a process that begins with the reporter or journalist covering the story, who sends the information to the newspaper’s editorial office, where it is edited. In this second phase of the process, the editor decides, according to the criteria and policies established by the publishing media:

When the news is transmitted directly, “live”, either through television or radio, whoever reports it briefly describes the event that produces the news, always respecting the editorial policies of the medium that transmits it.

What are the parts that make up a news item?

There are six parts to the structure of a news story: preheader, headline, subheader, introduction, body of the story, illustration and caption. Each of the parts of a news item are essential to create a good news story and stand out in all your newsrooms.

What are the 6 news questions?

What, Who, How, When, Where and Why. No, in this post we will not review the interrogative pronouns, but the 6 W’s method, with which journalists contextualize the news.

What is a news item and an example?

News. A news item is a short journalistic text that portrays a relevant or novel fact of reality. News is a cut of reality because it is considered interesting for a large part of the public. For example: “Salta: another Wichí girl died due to malnutrition and now there are seven children dead”.

Structure of the news item example

The paragraphs of the news item should be short and very extensive information should be avoided as much as possible. It is preferable to divide the information into several layers of depth that the user can access if he/she is interested.

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Always use the verb tenses that bring the story closer to the reader. As a general rule, the past perfect and the present indicative. They will be combined with the corresponding tenses in the event that the news that has just been produced refers to past or future matters.

Entradilla: The entradilla must develop the headline and complete the thesis that it raises with the data. Entries cannot simply repeat the headline without providing more information and must invite the user to continue reading.

Bold letters. They serve to highlight key words and guide the reading. The user should have a clear idea of what we are telling him/her by looking at the headline, the small balls, the bold and the sidebars. The same words should not be repeated, nor should a sentence or an entire paragraph be put in bold because it will stain the text.

What information should be written in the body of a news item?

The body of the news item develops, from what was anticipated in the lead, the rest of the informative data generated by the event. In the writing of the body, it is usual to follow the structure of an inverted pyramid. The journalist shells out the informative data in an order of greater to lesser importance.

What is a news item?

The journalistic note is one of the most widely used communication formats and consists mainly of the presentation of recent events. It is characterized for being a text that describes the facts in a simple way, with short sentences and very short paragraphs.

How do you make news?

In the first paragraph of the news item you should try to answer the six W’s. What, who, how, when, where and why. Answering these six questions will help you report what is most relevant. Based on that, the journalist already orders the questions to be answered before or after transcribing the information.

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News structure – brainly

The structure of the news aims to provide the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time or space. The journalist, once he has selected the event he intends to report on and has compiled through different sources of information the necessary data to elaborate his news, has to order all that information so that the reader can easily understand it.

Before you start typing on your computer it is essential that you have very clear: What you want to tell, to whom you are going to tell it and how you are going to tell it. If you manage to have a mental scheme of how the news will be, the task of writing it will be much easier. Always remember the two objectives: to inform as truthfully as possible and to satisfy the reader’s interest.

A first step to find the most appropriate structure for the news is to rank in order of importance all the information you have about the event and that should solve the six questions (the W’s) that the reader will ask.

By Rachel Robison

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