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They highlight measures to postpone the payment of electricity, drinking water and sewage bills for the duration of the state of catastrophe and to ensure Internet connectivity for current customers belonging to the 40% of the most vulnerable households.

The measures announced by the President are aimed at users belonging to the 40% of the most vulnerable households, benefiting 7 million people, and focus on facilities and postponements to pay electricity and water bills, as well as ensuring Internet connectivity for households.

The President also reiterated the three priorities of the Government to face the current situation; protect the health and life of all Chileans, ensure the supply of essential goods and services and protect jobs, income and SMEs.

The Government has reached an agreement with the electricity distribution companies to grant benefits and facilities to their users for the payment of their electricity bills. During the State of Catastrophe:

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Your image, whether a photo or a video in which you appear, is personal data. The dissemination of images or videos published on different internet services without any legitimacy to process this data of yours, especially on social networks, is an issue that is frequently raised before the Agency. The General Data Protection Regulation recognizes the right of individuals to exercise their right to erasure.

If you do not achieve your goal, you should necessarily request deletion from the platform that has provided the means for publication, that is, the social network or video portal on which those images or videos have been published, proving your identity and indicating which links contain the data you want to cancel.

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The social network Instagram has a page from which you can report content published by third parties without your consent that includes personal information, as well as report abusive behavior or cases of harassment or bullying.

New mendoza decree today

I ask South Texans to fill out the simple form that lets Washington know how many residents our region has. From this count, the distribution of hundreds of billions of federal dollars to states and communities like ours is determined.

The census also has a major impact on the private sector, businesses and manufacturers – from airlines to movie theaters – that make decisions based on demographic figures. Accurate figures can better assist companies making vital decisions about where to add flights or perhaps set up a factory.

To me, there is also a strong element of civic duty in filling out these forms. The census is a constitutional requirement (Article 1, Section 2) established when President George Washington signed the Census Act in 1790.

Some localities are using the slogan “where you sleep is where you should be counted.” This means that Winter Texans and anyone who comes from other areas and lives here during the census should be included.

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The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come in four incredible finishes including the sleek new midnight green, which will be available for pre-sale starting Friday, September 13 and in stores starting Friday, September 20.

All of this compute, graphics and machine learning performance is achieved while still delivering an unprecedented leap in battery life, with the iPhone 11 Pro offering up to four hours more battery life in a day than the iPhone Xs, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max offering up to five hours more than the iPhone Xs Max.

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The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max set a new standard thanks to their video quality, the highest in a smartphone. Each of the three system cameras records excellent 4K video with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization. With a wider field of view and wider framing, the ultra-wide-angle camera is ideal for shooting action videos. Users can easily zoom in with each of the three cameras, while the audio zoom adjusts to the video frame for more dynamic sound. With iOS 13, advanced video editing tools are at everyone’s fingertips to instantly rotate, crop, boost exposure and apply filters to videos. These adjustments are easy to apply and easy to review, so even a beginner can create professional-quality video projects.