Carpet washing price per square meter

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How much is charged for carpet cleaning?

The cost of cleaning carpets and floors usually ranges from $25,000 to $40,000. The size of the carpet or floor is calculated in square meters and is one of the most important factors when setting the price, in addition to the dirtiness of the surface and the additional services you request.

How can a carpet be cleaned?

Alcohol vinegar, best warm, is another effective remedy. Rub the surface of the carpet with a cotton cloth soaked in vinegar. Leave for a few minutes and wipe with a dry cloth before vacuuming. If the carpet is dark, you can sprinkle slightly damp coffee grounds.

How much does it cost to clean chairs?

The price of chair cleaning usually varies between 5 € and 15 € per unit. One of the most influential factors is the type of chair: cleaning a chair without backrest is cheaper than cleaning chairs with backrest.

How to dry clean carpets with baking soda

With the passage of time, it is inevitable that sofas and other upholstered surfaces end up accumulating dust and stains. It is important to keep these pieces of furniture clean and in good condition, since they are used frequently and also serve to receive visitors. But the cleaning process is not usually simple and it is common to hire professionals. That is why we want to tell you how much it costs to clean a sofa and other upholstery.

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In addition to sofa cleaning, it is common to request cleaning services for armchairs, armchairs, chairs, mattresses, carpets, rugs and other types of upholstery. The rates for these types of services usually vary depending on the type of furniture and the type of fabric, among other things.

Although some armchair and sofa covers are easy to remove for laundering, other times there is no such possibility. That is why it is common for professionals to offer home upholstery cleaning services.

Sofas are furniture intended for fairly intensive use, not only in homes, but also in hotels, cafes or offices. Therefore, they can accumulate all kinds of stains and dirt: from dust and lint to food and drink stains and pet hair.

How much does it cost per m2 of cleaning in Chile?

Prices per square meter for a standard cleaning are around $300/m2, so a 90 m2 house is estimated between $30,000 and $35,000.

How to dry clean a carpet at home?

Learn how to dry clean a carpet

One of the simplest and very effective methods for wool carpets is the use of baking soda. This technique consists of covering the carpet with baking soda and leaving it to act for one or two hours. Afterwards, the vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dust.

How to clean carpet at home?

Salt is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning carpets. To remove stains all you have to do is pour a layer of salt on top, roll up the carpet and leave it like that for a few hours. Then unroll it to vacuum up the salt residue.

How to clean carpet by hand

With a team of carpet cleaning professionals, you won’t have to worry about it, and best of all, you’ll have your carpet looking like new with home carpet cleaning service. Just check your estimate below, save yourself some effort and best of all, leave your carpet as good as new.

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How do I calculate my carpet cleaning estimate? ASK FOR YOUR ESTIMATEPrice of hiring a carpet cleaning service at homeWith the trained and specialized personnel in this type of cleaning, all the carpets in your home will be completely free of dirt and contaminants that can affect the members of your family. And all this without leaving your home!!!!

Below you can see all the areas that are included in the basic cleaning and sanitization of properties. All items marked with a cross are not included in this basic level but you can add as many as you want to customize your carpet cleaning service at home.

How to clean the carpet by hand?

How to wash your carpet by hand

The best way to wash a rug is to immerse it completely in the warm soapy water that we have prepared and, with your hands, gradually raise and lower the fabric. Making the water penetrate the carpet without abruptness.

What product to use for carpet cleaning?

Baking soda is ideal for cleaning all types of carpets, as it does not damage the fabrics and is one of the most effective products when it comes to cleaning the home. Also, if you are wondering how to dry clean carpets, you should know that baking soda is one of the fundamental products you will need.

How much does a cleaning company cost per hour?

There are more and more companies and professionals specialized in cleaning, who adapt their services to the needs and availability of each client. The average price of a general cleaning service is 15 €/h, and can vary between 10 €/h and 30 €/h.


Carpets can fulfill different functions: in addition to being decorative, they help to provide greater warmth and comfort, especially in winter. But, in order to benefit from their advantages, it is necessary to keep them clean. That is why in this price guide we tell you how much it costs to clean a carpet.

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In any case, to calculate how much it costs to clean a carpet it is best to go to professionals and specialized companies, and request a personalized carpet cleaning quote.

There are many types of fabrics and each one can have its own characteristics. For example, it will not be the same to clean a carpet made of natural fibers (of animal or vegetable origin) than to clean a synthetic carpet.

It is true that some carpets are intended for moderate use, while others are prepared for more intensive use. However, regardless of this, they still need to be cleaned from time to time.

Carpet cleaning professionals will know which cleaning method or process to use in each case, depending on the condition of the carpet and the type of stains it has. The goal is to completely remove the dirt, including germs and bacteria.

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