How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness?

Planet fitness saltillo

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Like many professional gyms, Planet Fitness does not make it easy to cancel your membership. However, it is possible to do so as long as you have a little patience and are willing to overcome some contractual hurdles.

What happens if I stop paying for Planet Fitness?

Cancellation and Payment Policy:

Once you have successfully cancelled your Planet Fitness membership, your monthly payments to the company will stop. However, depending on when your membership is billed, you may still be required to pay for the month in which you cancel.

What can I do to eliminate a contract in a gym?

To trigger the cancellation of a contract, many gyms require members to submit a notarized letter of cancellation. This is a letter signed by a notary public. When writing the letter, be sure to include your name, address, email address and phone number.

What is LUNK Alarm?

Each club also has a “Lunk Alarm,” a purple and yellow siren on the wall used to enforce the policy of no grunting, dropping weights or judging others.

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Planet Fitness Policies

Planet Fitness is the most convenient home exercise guide for all age groups. There are plenty of exercise videos to choose from that encourage you to try something new to stay fit at home. In simple words, Planet Fitness brings a gym to your home and all workouts are conducted by world-class trainers from different locations. All these beneficial services are accessible only by getting a Planet Fitness membership. But for whatever reason, if you want to know how to cancel Planet Fitness membership, this article will guide you through the steps to do so.

Aside from workouts, it offers certain motivational series to its members. In addition, they also track your progress for future improvements. Under any circumstances, if you are unable to continue working out and decide to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership before the end of your term, it is possible with a cancellation fee. It is advisable to cancel your membership after the end of your contract, so you do not need to pay any additional fees as a cancellation fee. Also, you cannot simply cancel your subscription by a phone call or email and there are certain procedures you need to follow. Let’s discuss that in detail.

How do I cancel a Planet Fitness membership?

How do I cancel my membership? To cancel your monthly membership and stop monthly billing, the club must receive a written notice delivered by the 8th of the month, which must be delivered personally.

How much does a gym cost per month 2021?

On average, classes here cost around 1,200 pesos per month.

How much does a gym membership cost?

You must add a monthly fee that ranges from 300 to 500 pesos (low cost gyms), while the most equipped gyms have a membership that ranges from 1000 to 4000 pesos.

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Planet fitness equipment

Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain (it had more than 15 million members as of March 2020), but the franchise hasn’t adopted modern customer service practices, especially when it comes to canceling membership plans.

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How much does a gym membership cost?

As for memberships, costs also vary according to the plan you choose, from the basic ones, which are priced at 500 pesos, to those that can reach 10,000 pesos.

How much do gym owners earn?

How much does a Gym Manager in Mexico earn? The average gym manager salary in Mexico is $156,000 per year or $80 per hour. Entry level positions start at $120,000 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $331,500 per year.

How much is the monthly fee at Smart Fit?

The Smart trainer plan costs $1,299 per month with access to a single unit only and the Black trainer plan provides access to all units in and out of the country for $1,799 per month.


To cancel your Planet Fitness membership: you must go to your local Planet Fitness to fill out a cancellation form, OR send a letter (preferably by certified mail) to the club, requesting cancellation. You must provide: Statement of intent to cancel membership.

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What is the policy on bringing guests to a Planet Fitness? With the Black Membership Card you may bring one guest per visit, as long as they provide a photo ID on their initial visit. They may not wear tanningetc, only the gym equipment.

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Formats like the PF 30,Minute ExpressCircuit at Planet Fitness keep workouts simple with a green light/red light system, which prompts you to start and stop at each station. Once you decide where you’d like to start on the circuit, go in sequence with the circuit stations until your 30-minute circuit is complete.