Is Clarksdale MS a good place to live?

The cheapest cities to live in in the United States.

Named after the Mississippi River, the state of Mississippi is located at the southern tip of the United States of America and has the Gulf of Mexico to the south, while the eponymous river covers the state’s western border.

Did you know that the term “teddy bear” came about because of Theodore Roosevelt, who, on a hunting expedition in Sharkey County, Mississippi refused to kill a trapped bear, an event that resulted in a political cartoon that inspired the birth of the stuffed animal? ?

Nestled among the brush-covered woods at Buddy Butts Park in Jackson, Mississippi remains the abandoned model of the Mississippi River Basin, the largest of its kind ever built.

Begun as a preventative measure by the Army Corps of Engineers against river flooding, the model helped the state predict and prevent major losses caused by previous floods such as the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927.

Minimum wage in mississippi

It sits between two banks: to the south, the Mississippi River, and to the north, Lake Pontchartrain.  The fact that it floats between two waters and that much of the city lies below sea level and in swampy terrain makes it very vulnerable to flooding.

Shuttles (minibuses) are a bit cheaper, but the cheapest way is to take a local bus that in 50 minutes will take you downtown for $2. You have all the options detailed on the airport website.

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Most people prefer to sleep in the French Quarter: it is the most central area, you can walk everywhere and the hotels occupy historic buildings with lots of charm. But these are advantages that you have to pay for.  Here is a list of hotels in the French Quarter.

If you rent in the French Quarter you won’t have to worry, but if, like us, you’re staying in other neighborhoods further out of town, read the safety ratings from other guests first.

New Orleans is a high crime city, and not all areas are safe at night. In fact, if you are returning after dark to a suburban neighborhood, it is best to take a cab.

Is clarksdale ms a good place to live? 2021

The United States is one of those unreachable countries that no matter how many times you visit it will always leave you with the feeling of all the hidden treasures you have yet to discover. Most of us travelers make our first adventure in the USA starting with New York or California, two practically essential destinations. However, there are plenty of states that are dominated by local tourism, that hardly receive foreign visitors and that keep real diamonds in the rough that are far from being overcrowded. Let’s go then to visit those states that hardly appear in tourist brochures and that may well become destinations to take into account in your next trip.

The town of Wilmington, with the Hagley Museum, the Delaware Art’s Museum, the Grand Opera House and the Nemours mansion, can be a good place to start your route. From there you can go to the charming town of Lewes (just over 2,000 inhabitants), which has in Rehoboth Beach one of the most attractive vacation retreats in the area: Delaware is a state strongly attached to its seafaring roots and has fabulous beaches like Bethany or Dewey. In Dover are very popular car races, in Trap Pond State Park you can spend a few days relaxing among lakes and in Delaware Seahore State Park enjoy walks among the lighthouses of the beaches.

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Is clarksdale ms a good place to live? en línea

I recently spent a day driving around Clarksdale, Mississippi, with one thing in mind: finding the perfect tamale. I quickly discovered, from citizens and restaurateurs alike, that the best tamale in town can’t be purchased at a restaurant, but at “that detective’s garage.” Although many know Sledge as a kind, fair and even-tempered member of the law enforcement community, he is better known as Phat Daddy, the Tamale King.

Every Saturday afternoon, a long line forms outside his ranch-style home, made up of diners from all over Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee. On my visit, Phat Daddy himself invited me to sit down with a steaming tray of shell-wrapped bales, happy to share his personal story: a tale with as much tragedy and dark coincidence as any Delta blues ballad.

Sledge has been a police detective since 2004. One Christmas Eve, he showed up at the scene of a car accident, just outside Clarksdale. “It was a head-on collision between two vehicles,” he recalled. “I was the first one there, and it was the worst accident I’d ever seen.” A young couple lay dead inside one of the cars, and, looking inside, Sledge noticed something unusual. “I swear the whole car was full of packages of uncooked tamales,” he said. “Turns out they were bringing a bunch of tamales, from Louisiana to Tennessee, to serve on Christmas Day.”

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