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Kairi, despite everything she (unfortunately) doesn’t get to do, is one of the biggest mysteries in Kingdom Hearts. What’s more, she plays a much bigger role than she seems when you consider her death, which is more than suspicious, that there’s a missing heart and a lot of symbolism.

The intro of KH3? It’s terrible as a recap. At best, it’s a decaffeinated version of Dream Drop Distance’s, with a dash of chess and a teaspoon of Xehanort. It bypasses key games like Chain of Memories – ignoring Naminé altogether – and stops short of Re:Coded and, importantly, Dream Drop Distance, the direct link to KH3.

With all this in mind, notice this shot. It falls through all the pieces of the thirteen limbs of darkness, only to, at the end, find Kairi’s piece. It’s interesting, to say the least.

It’s not just presented as something that goes through the board, the pieces, and plunges to the bottom of the abyss. No, it’s that it’s right in the center of it all, resplendent and important, behind the other pieces that Xehanort needs.

Thank You My God (Official Video) – Catholic Music

Naminé is Kairi’s Incorporeal, she has the power to manipulate the memories of Sora and those who have any relationship or connection with him. She made her first appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

She often rebelled against her captors due to this guilt for trying to redeem herself by helping someone, which sometimes led her to be extremely trusting, faithful and generous. Rebelling and constantly switching sides made Naminé’s determination and courage grow significantly since her first appearance. Apparently, she is also very talented with her drawings, as seen when she finished a complex drawing of Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

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Like Roxas, Naminé seems to possess true emotions, being a special and unusual Incorpio. While most Incorporeals pretend to have emotions by acting on memories of their past lives to react to a specific situation, Roxas and Naminé had no memories of their past lives and thus had no basis for acting.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Part 4 | Kairi Death

Author’s warning: This fic has a lot of soap opera… cloying and cheesiness(No, this doesn’t exist xDDDD Cheesiness). Read it if you want, but I warn you that it is the cheesiest thing ever. xDDDDD

Deray: For you, Riku… this weapon – a sword with a blade resembling a dragon’s wing appeared in her hand – and, Kairi, for you, this bow – the shape shined before the red-haired girl’s eyes and, immediately after, she reached out her arm to grab the bow.

Deray: Everyone has taken shelter in the palace-quarters. The one you see in the background. Our queen and captain is called Miriel… she sent me for you. Follow me, I will lead you to her. But imitate everything I do… otherwise we will be discovered.

Miriel: It won’t do you much good to keep your memories now. When you destroy them you will be the Deray you were when you came here. Carefree, cheerful and, above all… free for not suffering for him.

Kh3 the world ends with you

<blockquote><em>“Casi 100 opiniones francas todos los días. No podía negar que estaba herida. Estoy muertq. Gracias por darme una madre. Era una vida donde quería ser amada. Gracias a todos los que me apoyaron. Me encanta. Soy débil, lo siento. Ya no quiero ser humana. Era una vida que quería ser amada. Gracias a todos, los amo. Adiós.&#8221;</em></blockquote>

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Kimura fue encontrada tristemente muerta unas horas más tarde. Dave Meltzer reveló más detalles del devastador incidente en la más reciente edición del <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Wrestling Observer</a> Radio.

Kimura envió el tweet en un momento en que los japoneses dormían. La superestrella de WWE Kairi Sane, quien trabajó anteriormente en Stardom, vio el tweet e informó al luchador de Stardom Jungle Kyona. Kyona fue a la casa de Kimura para ver cómo estaba, pero ya era demasiado tarde.

<blockquote><em>Ella envió el tweet o tweets o lo que sea que estaba en medio de la noche y nadie en Japón lo sabía porque estaban todos dormidos y Kairi Sane, Kairi Hojo que estaba en Stardom, ella, supongo que estaba despierta y de alguna manera lo vio y llamó a la oficina y llamó a Jungle Kyona y Jungle Kiona fue a la casa, pero cuando Jungle Kyona llegó a la casa, ya era demasiado tarde.</em>

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