Is Quake Champions still being developed?

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Two decades ago, Quake laid the foundations of first-person shooters (FPS) and represented a revolution. The secret? The inclusion of advanced 3D graphics for the time and maps full of secret areas. Now, the legendary saga faces the challenge of reinventing itself and fulfilling expectations through the awaited Quake Champions, a new FPS whose main novelty is the incorporation of champions.

The game, developed by Id Software and distributed by Bethesda, will be released exclusively for PC in a free-to-play format. It will have a paid version for those who want to unlock all the champions, but with the promise that the micropayment options will not unbalance the balance.

There is no plot or story behind it: you choose the mode, the arena and pull the trigger. At the beginning of each game you will have to choose your champion and weapon, although you will be able to change them during respawn (every time your character dies). In total there are seven types of weapons that will be available in various places on the maps for players to pick them up, as well as power ups and armor.

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Clutch rumbles through the arenas and deals pain to enemies. With his active ability, Barrier, he protects himself and his allies in team play modes. His passive ability Static Defense gives him an advantage against other champions.

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Whether you are in team matches and want to protect your allies, or you need a quick save in a Deathmatch, cast Barrier, Clutch’s active ability, to block attacks for a limited period of time. There was a time when he used his large force shield to protect organics and drills in mining, but in the arena, it works as a solid defense against enemy champions.


Bethesda Softworks has published on its official channel a trailer that shows a good concentrated dose of real gameplay in Quake Champions, a title that is being developed by id Software and that will arrive as an exclusive to PC in 2017.

As we can see the graphic quality borders at a high level thanks to the use of idTech 6, a graphics engine that has also recently given life to the fantastic DOOM, a game that we had the opportunity to analyze in this article.

The guys from id Software already commented at the time that they are developing it exclusively for PC because they want to get the best possible experience, and with the limitations offered by the Xbox One and PS4 hardware such a goal would be an impossible one.

It looks very good and most likely we will not have to worry about the requirements, because if we have been able to enjoy DOOM in conditions we should be able to do the same with Quake Champions.

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Quake Champions is still in early access, but new players will enjoy a gameplay experience that is constantly being updated with new content, improvements and events. The game recently received a major update that included a new champion, the Death Knight, as well as new ways to play with bots. To top it off, they have also unveiled the roadmap for upcoming updates, which include new champions, modes, skins and much more.

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The free version of Quake Champions includes two champions, Ranger and Scalebearer. The others can be purchased or obtained by spending rewards earned in-game. Players of this version have the option to get the Champions Pack at any time, a special pack for the most impatient players that includes the 14 champions already available, the ones that will come later and additional rewards for the game. The Champions Bundle is now discounted and can be purchased for only 39.9€.

Recently, id Software explained the future of Quake Champions to let free-to-play players know what to expect from the team in the coming months. In addition to the usual performance improvements and other aspects, the following will be included: