Puerto Peñasco at night

Although we spent three days in Sao Jorge with the handicap of bad weather, hiking enthusiasts can extend their stay on the island as long as they want. There are several attractive routes that can be done in the ‘sleeping dragon’ of the Azores. Apart from hiking, there are other essential visits that we will also tell you about below.

It is the hiking route par excellence of Sao Jorge. A ten-kilometer route that descends from the upper part of the island to two of its most popular belts, the Santo Cristo and dos Cubres. A journey through lush vegetation, streams and waterfalls to finally reach the coast. As this is a linear route, it is necessary to speak in advance with a cab driver in the area to pick us up in the Faja dos Cubres and take us to the point of origin of the route, in a parking lot next to the road. We can ask for the contact of one at the hotel. In high season, it is possible to do the route directly and ask to be called from the bar in the Faja dos Cubres and wait there quietly for him to arrive.

Famous people of Puerto Peñasco

These 9 islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean have it all for those who live in love with nature: craters, lagoons, forests, waterfalls, natural pools? And let’s not forget what hides its seabed! Cetaceans and dolphins roam freely in its waters.

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Regarding money, on the island of Sao Miguel we did not find too many problems when paying by credit card. On the island of Flores it is a little different and you may find places that do not accept cards. For this reason we recommend to carry some cash just in case.

The Azores are a paradise of nature, so don’t forget your hiking boots! At the slightest chance you will find a trail to do or a waterfall to go to (with somewhat slippery paths). In the respective articles of each of the islands we explain which routes we did.

On the other hand, did you know that in the Azores you can find up to 24 species of whales? Fin whales, bearded whales, sperm whales? Even the blue whale itself, the largest animal in the world. And dolphins too!  For us this is a must-do activity in the Azores and we really enjoy this experience, but always choosing the most responsible way to do it. If you are interested, you can book this whale watching activity in Sao Miguel.

Guardian Angel Island

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Tours in Puerto Peñasco

Being located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in an area of high pressure of the island benefits from the influence of the Gulf Stream which keeps the water temperature between 17°C and 23°C and the atmospheric temperature oscillating between 13°C and 24°C. Annual humidity round about 75% and the level of rainfall has shaped the physical appearance of the island.

The main popular festivals of the island are not different from those celebrated on the islands of the archipelago. They are an important manifestation of the religious character of the islands. These festivals occur every Sunday during the seven weeks before Easter, culminating on the seventh Sunday, Pentecost, although some traditions vary from place to place. In general, there are church processions and masses associated with this festival.

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Semana Velas Cultura (Culture Week) is also another festivity that mixes local traditions and cultural influences from abroad. During this week exhibitions and presentations of local Azorean culture are mixed with local concerts, bullfights, and finally a regatta.

By Rachel Robison

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