Is the car rental shortage getting better?

Rent a car

It was coming and it happened. Rental cars this summer have gone through the roof. And we are not talking about a slight rise but an astronomical rise that has left prices prohibitive for many pockets. In most cases, renting a car for only 4 or 5 days is the same money as paying the bill for a good used car that will be yours. Today in Coches de Ocasión 4all we tell you why this huge rise in car rental prices, the rental car increases have been multiplied by 3. Or so that we understand, if before it cost you to rent a car for a week about 200 euros now you will have to pay 600 euros. That’s nothing.

And why these huge increases in the price of rental cars? There are basically two reasons. On the one hand, the decline of rental car fleets and on the other hand, the increase in demand. Let me explain it briefly:

Why are there no rental cars in Lanzarote?

The ‘standstill’ in the manufacture of vehicles by the components prevents the ‘rent a car’ to acquire more units and arrive in time for the high season. This is according to the general secretary of the Association of Canary Islands Car Rental Companies (Aecav) and also CEO of Avis, Roberto Dávila.

How much have second-hand cars gone up?

Thus, the average price of a second-hand car has already reached 18,811 euros, which means an increase of 2.2% compared to October and the highest average price of this 2021. This average price also represents a year-on-year increase of 15.6%.

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How to rent a car for travel?

Requirements to rent a car

Passport. Valid driver’s license in case of national trips, in case of trips abroad it is necessary to get your international driver’s license. International credit card. You have to reserve in advance, it is advisable to do it at least 2 days before.

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The crisis is a historic test for the century-old auto industry as it tries to accelerate the shift to smarter electric vehicles. For decades, automakers included more and better advanced features to attract more customers and charge them more. Now they are eliminating some of them, at least temporarily, to save their sales.

“This is likely to get worse before it gets better,” said Stacy Rasgon, an analyst who covers the semiconductor industry for Sanford C. Bernstein. “It takes a long time to get this capability up and running.”

The Japanese manufacturer, which in early January became one of the first automakers to warn of an impending shortage, is also prioritizing chip supplies to the two best-selling models in each major market. For example, Nissan sent chip supplies from India to the U.S. on a chartered cargo flight to help advance production in the North American country, where there is more profit margin. Cuts to models Stellantis, the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group, modified the Ram 1500 pickup truck so that the digital rearview mirror that normally comes standard is now only available as an upgrade option. The automaker is also using non-chip parts from its most basic Ram Classic pickup so it can continue to produce the more expensive version.

How much have cars gone up in 2021?

Car prices have risen by 2.4% so far in 2021.

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Why are used cars so expensive?

What are the possible causes? The reasons for the rise in the price of second-hand cars are to be found in the collapse of the motor industry, which is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. People shy away from public transport for fear of the virus, which increases the demand for vehicles.

Why have car prices gone up?

Remember that the WLTP protocol establishes more realistic CO2 measurements, which in general give an average of 20 percent higher values. This is how much the price of new cars will rise due to the increase in registration tax.

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Moreover, by supplying electricity externally, any vehicle incorporating this technology significantly reduces the space normally dedicated to battery storage by up to one fifth. Thus, in addition to improving travel autonomy, it increases the comfort of the passenger compartment in all senses.

c) Advertising and commercial prospecting activities through different media and communication channels of products and services of third parties from different sectors of activity, which may involve the transfer of personal data to such third parties.

How to rent my car in Argentina?

The requirements to rent a vehicle through the platform are: valid car registration, less than eight years old, less than 250,000 kilometers, current insurance and a Mercado Pago account for the payment of the proceeds.

How much has the registration tax increased?

Up to November 2021, the amount collected by registration tax rises to 436.94 million euros, 31.63% more than in 2020. Even with the problems being suffered due to the shortage of semiconductors, the 2021 collection will be higher than the previous year and in 2022, it will be even higher.

What is the best site for car rental?

Hertz ranked first in overall customer satisfaction, with 852 points. Enterprise ranked second with 849 points, followed by Alamo and National, which registered 848 and 845 points, respectively.

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How to know if my car’s brakes are OK

A new variant is emerging in scammers who are asking people to pay with cryptocurrencies. The scam involves an imposter, a QR code and a trip to a store (directed over the phone by a scammer) for you to send them money via a cryptocurrency ATM.

If you’re keeping up to date, you’ve probably heard that there’s a global chip shortage. So what does that imply for your holiday shopping? Well, many things you might buy for the holidays, such as toys, have chips, so the shortage means prices are going up and it may be harder to find chip-enabled items.

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