What can bailiffs do if you have nothing?

What to do when a police officer stops you for no reason.

Apud acta: Judicial actions that are recorded by minutes attached to the procedure in question (a very frequent example will be the power of attorney by the appearance of the interested party before the court clerk).

Free Legal Aid: The right of persons lacking sufficient economic means to have the State assume the expenses derived from judicial proceedings (expenses of lawyers, attorneys and other professionals; costs of carrying out tests, etc.).

Attestation: Document issued by the judicial police and containing the finding of a fact, inquiries made and any other police proceedings aimed at the investigation of a criminal act.

Auto: Reasoned judicial resolution. Form to be adopted by the judicial resolution when deciding on appeals against orders, incidental questions, procedural budgets, nullity of proceedings, i.e., when no sentence is required.

Cassation: Extraordinary appeal filed before the Supreme Court against resolutions or sentences handed down in the Provincial Courts and, in certain cases, in the National Court.

Protected Witness Protocol

You have the right to remain silent and cannot be punished for refusing to answer questions. If you wish to remain silent, tell the officer out loud. In some states, you must give your name if you are asked to identify yourself.

You are not required to give permission to be searched on your person or your belongings, but the police may search your clothing if they suspect you have a weapon. You should not physically resist, but you have the right to refuse permission for further searches. If you consent, this may harm you later in a court of law.

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If a police or immigration agent asks to search the inside of your car, you may refuse permission.  However, if the police believe your car contains evidence of a crime, they can search it without your permission.

Both drivers and passengers have the right to remain silent.  If you are a passenger, you may ask if you are free to leave. If the officer says yes, remain seated quietly or leave calmly. Even if the officer says no, you have the right to remain silent.

What happens if you are caught by the migra crossing the border 2021

If the police arrest you, do not resist, even if you think the arrest is unfair. Explain that you want to remain silent and that you want to speak to a lawyer immediately. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you have the right to a free lawyer. Do not say anything and do not sign anything without consulting a lawyer. You have the right to make a local call and you have the right to be assigned an interpreter or translator if necessary. The police must release you after 48 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) if you are not charged (i.e., not indicted) with a crime. If you are charged with a crime, consult an immigration attorney to make sure that this situation will not affect your immigration case.

What to do if a policeman takes pictures of you

If you have filed a complaint with the Ombudsman as of January 1, 2014, you can consult its processing online in the section “Consult your complaint”. The consultation allows you to follow the steps and dates of the Ombudsman’s actions, to know the administration or body from which a response is expected, and the meaning of the response.

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The person or persons who address the Ombudsman will find on this website the way to access, through their own password, to their documents from anywhere and at any time of the day.

When we cannot investigate a complaint because we are not competent to do so, we send a letter to the citizen explaining the reasons.  Whenever possible, it provides guidance on the channels to which you can turn.