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(BPT) – Did you know that all humans are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup? The remaining 0.1% of your DNA can tell an important story, such as why your hair is curly or straight, whether you love or hate the taste of cilantro, as well as the origin of your genetic ancestors and your pr…

(StatePoint) Lung cancer research is advancing rapidly, with researchers learning more about the disease and working hard to find treatments that help save and prolong lives. At the same time, black Americans represent only 3.1% of …

(BPT) – As scammers become increasingly savvy, consumers must take extra steps to avoid fraud. A new Chase survey offers tips on common scams and how to protect yourself and your family.

(BPT) – Health equity means that everyone has access to and can benefit from quality health care. This is especially important when it comes to diseases like cancer. Unfortunately, underserved communities, including ethnic and racial groups, are often underserved….

What is Steampunk? An art to be able to recycle everything

Payments for taxes, water, parking tickets and municipal court fees can be made online at or at our office. The processing center will charge an additional 3% of the amount collected. The Collections Division staff is responsible for receiving, posting and depositing funds for real estate, motor vehicle excise and tangible taxes, water/sewer payments, parking fines and municipal court fees. Parking program permits issued from the office include resident decals, guest passes and decals, Ledge Rd fishing permits, King’s Park car and trailer permits and Gateway Visitor Center parking day passes. Easton’s Beach seasonal stickers are also issued from our office. If you need more information, please call (401) 845 – 5401.

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Los 10 Negocios Más Rentables en ESTADOS UNIDOS

Se tributa por la cantidad de días que se tiene una matrícula activa. Mudarse, vender, regalar, desechar su vehículo, tirar sus placas, registrar su vehículo en un nuevo Estado, etc. no constituyen la forma adecuada de cancelar su registro.

Si no devuelve sus placas al DMV será responsable de los impuestos hasta que lo haga o las placas expiren, lo que ocurra primero. Por favor, consulte para obtener más información y el procedimiento correcto para devolver sus placas. No envíe sus placas por correo a la oficina del Asesor.

La presentación de un formulario de cierre de negocio es la ÚNICA manera aceptable de cerrar oficialmente su negocio con la Ciudad, tal como se indica en su solicitud con la oficina del Asesor de Impuestos cuando abrió su negocio.

No podemos cerrar su cuenta retroactivamente. Ejemplo: Si usted dice que cerró su negocio en 2017 pero no presentó el cierre del negocio hasta 2018, será responsable de la factura de impuestos que reciba en 2018

How to install a sink mixer

Recycling rates for municipal waste, packaging waste and electrical and electronic equipment are slowly increasing in most Western countries, indicating that progress is being made in using more waste as a resource and achieving a circular economy. However, while people are committed to separating waste at home, there is much to be done to improve recycling on the go.

Lack of adequate infrastructure is the main obstacle to higher on-the-go recycling rates. 83% of respondents say they always or often put their beverage containers in the recycling garbage can when they are at home, but that figure drops to 54% in the workplace, and only 49% do so when they are away from home, while 48% recycle at outdoor locations such as parks and beaches.

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“Most respondents are willing to do more when it comes to sorting and recycling the beverage cans they consume away from home, but proper recycling and collection solutions are often too few and far between,” explained Every Can Counts Europe director David Van Heuverswyn.

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