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The alliance includes, among other milestones, advice on key issues for the development of their businesses such as auditing, tax structure or talent management, thus contributing to the strengthening of national entrepreneurship.

Regarding the alliance with Baker McKenzie, who will deal with everything related to the area of access to new markets, which is undoubtedly an important issue for entrepreneurs, León Larraín, partner of Baker McKenzie, says that “thanks to this alliance we can help Endeavor entrepreneurs to navigate in an increasingly complex and constantly changing world”.

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Information about Baker & Mckenzie Barcelona Slp – Companies GuideAll the information you need about the company Baker & Mckenzie Barcelona Slp is in the Companies Guide. Enter and access all their data.Baker & Mckenzie Barcelona Slp

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Baker & Mckenzie Barcelona Slp is classified within the list of economic activities CNAE 2009 as:6910: Legal activities691: Legal activities69: Legal and accounting activities.

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Ares García and Victoria de la Calle, head of HR in Barcelona and head of recruitment in Madrid at Baker McKenzie praise the ability to adapt to global and changing environments of future candidates joining the firm. The effort to integrate into multicultural groups and the ability to resolve conflicts are other values that Baker McKenzie’s managers especially appreciate in new talents.What kind of profiles Baker McKenzie is looking for and what does the selection process they have to overcome consist of? The most sought-after profiles are those of students of the Law Degree and the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession interested in our internship programs. A very high percentage of our lawyers come from these internship programs.

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The selection process consists of two personal interviews (with the HR team and with the head of selection of the department to which the student will be assigned) and written tests to assess the candidate’s technical maturity and level of English.What weight does the CV have when applying for a job and what are the key aspects on which the firm focuses?first of all, the excellent academic record. From this aspect we can deduce in the candidate qualities such as tenacity, demand, dedication, technical knowledge and legal vocation.

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In a global world where law firms are opening offices in other jurisdictions, it is becoming more and more common, together with local partners, to have the firm’s professionals on secondment. In this I AIAL Congress that took place this Friday in Madrid, we have been able to know how an international firm such as Baker & McKenzie, one of the law firms with the largest international presence, works with this practice.

It seems clear that international firms carry in their DNA the management of people and their mobility” Now we have very short expatriation models. They can be two-week moves of one of our professionals to another firm located in the EU, for example. Of this type of internship in the Madrid office we can have fifteen or sixteen operations in junior and mid-level associates,” says Paloma Mafuz, a lawyer who joined the firm in 2000 to set up the immigration and foreign affairs area for which she is responsible.

“We are the law firm with the largest international presence of our own at the moment. The firm has been expanding following the interests of its clients. We have a presence in all countries where there is an important economy,” says Paloma,

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