Clarksdale and its famous crossroads is one of the key points of the Blues Trail. Let’s go into homework reading about legends, old plantations, spectacular museums for the blues lover… This is where your journey begins.

As it was, we had to speed up more than we should to arrive at Clarksdale at nine in the evening. And yes, we made it, we arrived as the front desk of the Shack Up Inn was about to close. Luckily we caught them open, but they had already written us an email indicating that they would leave the key under the mat of our shack. Nice people, in other places we have been left in the street because of the lack of empathy of the regent.

Another of the obligatory visits if you plan to go through Clarksdale. And as I mentioned at the beginning of this page, remember that if you are active members of any Blues society, as is my case with the Blues Society of Madrid, you will have a discount on the entrance.

We arrived at Hambone’s Art Gallery almost by obligation, as there was not much else open in the area. But it is one of those wonderful coincidences that you doubt that you forget in what we have left in this convent, and I briefly explain the reasons:

Where is Robert Johnson’s crossroads?

Legend has it that it is in Clarksdale, a small town in northern Mississippi that boasts the most famous crossroads of all time, that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads to master the art of guitar playing and thus silence all those bluesmen who laughed at him….

Where is the devil’s crossroads?

However, it is not certain that this deal is true. However, we do know that the town of Clarksdale is where Johnson made the deal. The place where U.S. Highways 61 and 49 converge is commonly known as Devil’s Crossing.

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What music was played in the Mississippi region?

It was here that blues, jazz, gospel, country, rock and roll, part of soul and other subgenres such as R&B and rockabilly were born. All this in an area of limited surface, watered by the Mississippi River and with a majority African-American population.

Graceland, Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion

Visitors to Vicksburg can also take a romantic carriage ride through its historic downtown or a delightful boat ride on the river, while some quality hiking can be done in the surrounding woods and hills.

The city of Tunica, long one of the poorest places in the entire United States, is located in the northwestern part of the state, just an hour’s drive south of Memphis, Tennessee. After the introduction of gambling in the 1990s, its fortunes changed dramatically. Now people flock to what is the third largest gambling market after Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The popular resort city now boasts a plethora of glamorous and glamorous casinos, home to a myriad of slot machines, table games and poker rooms. Each has a wide range of rooms and suites for visitors to stay in, with everything from pools and spas to gourmet restaurants and golf courses.

Who killed Robert Johnson?

On August 16, 1938, at the age of 27 – and inaugurating the infamous club – at a crossroads near Greenwood, Mississippi, Robert Johnson was found tragically lifeless. According to musician David ‘Honey Boy’ Edwards, who played with him, the blues legend died of poisoning.

What is the devil’s music?

The blues, the devil’s music.

How was the blues born?

The genre was born in the United States in the early 50’s as a product of the natural evolution of Rhythm and Blues of African-American roots and Country, influenced by various genres such as Gospel, Jazz, and Blues, among others and represented by artists of the time as Chuck Berry, Bob Diddley, Jerry …


Although Route 66, which we also traveled at the end of this trip, rejoices in the fame of being the most mythical road in the United States, in my opinion Route 61 has nothing to envy in terms of charm and authenticity. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Highway 61, being much less publicized and less traveled, is much more faithful to the American reality. Known as the Blues Route (and well deservedly so), it is a very long road, no less than 2,300 kilometers long, that winds parallel to the Mississippi River, starting in New Orleans and ending in Wyoming (Minnesota). For me, this stretch was probably the most beautiful and the most special of all the thousands of kilometers I have traveled in the United States. And there will be more than one who will think “well, it’s just a road”. Well no, it is much more than that: it is the path that will take you to the most rogue, most genuine, most charismatic and most visceral United States. A trip within a trip.

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Let’s go with the Shack Up Inn because it is truly the most extraordinary hotel we have ever slept in. Chosen in many magazines as the most amazing hotel in all of America (and we agree!) it is located on the grounds of the old Hopson Plantation. So lost in the middle of nowhere that when we managed to find it after driving down dirt roads, we couldn’t believe the wonder that awaited us.

How many singers have died in 27 years?

The 27 Club is considered a cultural phenomenon that was born in the early 70’s after the unexpected death of four famous singers: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, within a span of two years when they were just 27 years old.

How many photos exist of Robert Johnson?

So far there are officially three photographs of Robert Johnson until the official Robert Johnson Foundation pronounces them as valid.

What is soul characterized by?

The catchy rhythms, accentuated by spontaneous hand clapping and body movements, are an important element of soul. … Other characteristics are the call and response between the soloist and the choir, and a particularly tense vocal sound.

The cheapest cities to live in the U.S.

If you are on this page is because you have the great idea of doing the Blues Route, right? Well, one of the highlights (as the Anglo-Saxons would say) of this trip is undoubtedly the Delta Blues Museum, located in the historic town of Clarksdale, the one where Highway 61 and 49 intersect and, yes, where the Crossroads is already settled in the collective imagination, the one where (supposedly) Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil:

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In 2013 it received the highest award a museum can receive: the National Medal for Service (rendered to the community, it is understood) for Museums and Libraries (on the left of this photograph you can see the aforementioned award):

Brought piece by piece from Stovall Plantation, the place where he grew up and where he was first recorded by Alan Lomax, an American musicologist to whom we owe much more than it seems: it was he who arguably discovered Muddy Waters when he was going through the South looking for Robert Johnson, but someone told him “about this Robert, no idea, but there’s a young kid over there who’s working his ass off”. At least that’s what the legend says.

By Rachel Robison

Rachel Robison is a blogger who collects information on court filings and notices.