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Drugmaker Shire Plc on Monday completed negotiations after six months to buy Baxalta International, which finally accepted a $32 billion cash and stock offer that will create one of the world’s largest specialists in rare diseases.

Shareholders will receive $18 in cash and 0.1482 U.S.-listed Shire shares for each Baxalta Inc. stock, with a total implied value of $45.57 per share, according to trading prices on Jan. 8.

But Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov tirelessly insisted on the Baxalta deal, lobbying by meeting with the U.S. drugmaker’s major shareholders over several months.

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ac La Comisión Europea concedió una autorización de comercialización de Dynepo válida en toda la Unión Europea a la empresa farmacéutica Shire Pharmaceutical Contracts Ltd el # de marzo de #. riz La autorización de comercialización fue renovada el # de marzo de

rg Other information about Dynepo:On # March # the European Commission granted a European Union-wide marketing authorisation for Dynepo to Shire Pharmaceutical Contracts Ltd. # renewed. n

In this letter, the applicant only requested a meeting with the Commission to discuss the “applicability” of recital 29 and Article 37 of Regulation No. 1901/2006 to non-patented orphan medicinal products (“Shire would like to request a meeting with the European Commission to discuss the applicability of the Paediatric Regulation to non-patented, orphan medicinal products”).

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French independent pharmaceutical group Servier announces the formalization of a definitive agreement with Shire Laboratory Plc (part of Takeda Labs.), to acquire its Oncology division for US$2.4 billion, increasing its portfolio and presence worldwide.

Servier is a transnational pharmaceutical company based in France, with a presence in 149 countries. As a fully independent company, the group reinvests 25% of its turnover (excluding generic sales) in the research and development of new treatments for the benefit of patients. The pharmaceutical company focuses on the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases/type II diabetes mellitus, central nervous system, cancer and osteoporosis-osteoarthritis.

By acquiring the oncology area of Laboratorio Shire Plc. (the world’s leading biotechnology company, dedicated to people affected by rare diseases and other highly specialized pathologies), it will focus its research efforts on finding new and better treatments for people suffering from this disease.

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In view of all this, “it is essential for us to count once again on Shire, since without their collaboration rare diseases would not be acquiring an increasingly emerging role in our society”. For its part, Shire wanted to emphasize that “our mission is to research and develop drugs that enable patients with rare diseases to improve their quality of life, and also to contribute to these diseases being better known, diagnosed and treated every day. This mission includes collaboration with FEDER and associations working to ensure that patients receive the care they need at all levels.

It is “a clear example of how coordination and responsibility can make possible the promotion of direct care services, inclusion projects or social and health activities for all citizens where to contribute, directly or indirectly, in the quality of life of our families,” he explained.

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The complexity of rare diseases requires a concentration of cases, a high degree of professional specialization and a multidisciplinary approach where experience is the key to streamline processes such as diagnosis and access to treatment.

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