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The Huntsville Unit or the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville , also known as the Walls Unit , is an American prison located in Huntsville , Texas . Opened in 1849 , it is administered by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (in) .

Death row for men is located in the Allan B. Polunsky Unit in West Livingston (en) and women in the Mountain View Unit (en) in Gatesville . Therefore, each execution requires a transfer to the Huntsville Unit.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

After using several well-planned tricks, the seven convicts controlled nine civilian maintenance supervisors, four corrections officers and three uninvolved inmates at approximately 11:20 a.m.. The escape occurred during lunch and count time, when there was less surveillance of certain locations, such as the maintenance area. Once the victims were subdued, the offenders tied them up, gagged them and took them to an electrical room behind a locked door.

The attackers stole clothing, credit cards, and identification from their victims. The group impersonated prison officials over the phone and created false stories to avoid suspicion from authorities.

After that, three members of the group went to the back gate of the prison, some in disguise. A guard at the gate was cut down, and the trio stormed the guard tower where they stole numerous weapons.

The white prison truck was found in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart store in Kenedy, Texas. The Texas 7 first arrived in San Antonio just after fleeing the compound. Realizing they were running low on funds, they robbed a Radio Shack in Pearland, Texas.

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All Texans twist their faces when you tell them you’re staying at a hotel in Huntsville.  The pioneer city of the Texas prison system is a silent and dreary place. It’s basically home to prison officials, police officers, university criminology majors and prisoners’ families. It is not a fun town.

En Portada goes inside Texas prisons. Huntsville is synonymous with prison, synonymous with execution. It is the prison capital of the state. Camino a Huntsville premieres on La 2 of TVE on May 14 at 23:30.

And that prison is still standing. It is called Walls Unit because of its high red brick walls. And it is the emblem of the dense Texas penitentiary policy. In a corner in the east corner of the compound is its best known room, the death chamber, the place where the prisoner is laid on a stretcher and injected with a mixture of three chemicals (sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride) that end his life.

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It was not easy for him to remember what it was like inside the Walls Unit on those days when shortly before six o’clock in the evening all the prisoners kept a respectful silence… The silence that preluded the execution of one of their own.

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