What is news brief?

Summary of today’s news

Are you a journalist and you have to summarize a news story? Unlike the traditional literary summary, the summary of a journalistic news item has its own writing rules, since objectivity is prioritized over the description of characters and plots. If you do not know how to summarize a news item in the best possible way, we recommend that you read on and take note.

Now we can start writing the summary of a news item. The procedure is not very different from summarizing a newspaper article, since the journalistic rigor must be the same. However, there are certain particularities that you should know:

What is a news summary?

What is a summary? When we talk about a summary, we refer to a text of variable length, always tending to the brief, in which the ideas of a larger and/or more complex text are synthesized or abbreviated. A summary is usually 25% of the size of the original text.

How can you summarize a news item?

The 6 parts of a news item

Title or headline: it summarizes in a very concise and direct way the content of the news item. Copete, bajada or subtitle: it is a text located just below the title and serves as a brief summary of what happened.

How do you summarize a news item?

In general terms, the summary must be coherent and justify all the information, so do not skip paragraphs. On the other hand, do not forget to include main and secondary ideas, without confusing your personal opinion.

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Summary of a news item 2021

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What is the lead-in to the news?

The introductory paragraph is the initial paragraph that is typographically distinguished from the rest and is dedicated to briefly discovering a fact or what is going to be developed throughout the text.

What is a news item and an example?

News. A news item is a short journalistic text that portrays a relevant or novel fact of reality. News is a cut of reality because it is considered interesting for a large part of the public. For example: “Salta: another Wichí girl died due to malnutrition and now there are seven children dead”.

What is a summary and how is it made?

A summary is a reduction of the text, expressed in words and expressions, in which nothing essential for the understanding of the text should be missing. A summary requires a complete understanding of the text and, therefore, can only be made after identifying, selecting and structuring the most important information.

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A summary of a news item

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What information should be written in the body of a news item for children?

The body of the news item develops, from what was anticipated in the lead, the rest of the informative data generated by the event. In the writing of the body, it is usual to follow the structure of an inverted pyramid. The journalist shells out the informative data in an order of greater to lesser importance.

What is a news item for elementary school children?

The news is a type of text that tells a fact of current interest. It is usually broadcast in different media (radio, newspaper, television, internet, …) … The body: It is the text and narrates the events in order of importance: first the most important.

How to summarize an article?

The abstract should go at the beginning of the manuscript, after the title, commonly encompassing the following information: Context, Purpose, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion. A list of Keywords chosen by the author(s) is placed at the end of the abstract, preceding the body of the article.

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Summary of the covid-19 news

Now we are going to talk about the part where the content of the news is found, that is to say, the detailed information of everything that has happened. This part is known as the “body of the news” and the journalist explains in detail everything that has happened, organizing the information on a scale of greater to lesser importance, unlike the other parts, in this section you have to report in detail and without haste. The body of the news item begins with information that contextualizes the reader, that is, a paragraph that situates the reader and relates what happened with other relevant events of the past or of the present. After this brief contextualization is when the news begins and must be organized taking into account a series of basic elements.Organizing the body of a news item: the ideal textual structureThe structure of the journalistic text must take into account the following: