What is the best cat litter in peru?

The most important thing for your kitty to feel comfortable and decide to use its litter box is the cat litter. Below, you will discover the different types of cat litter and their advantages and disadvantages.

The first thing to understand is why cat litter is so important to cats. In nature, felines dig a hole in the ground or sand to deposit their waste. They then sit on that cavity to relieve themselves. They then sniff the feces and bury it. Cat litter is paramount to executing this natural behavior indoors. It is soft enough for felines to dig a hole inside the litter box to deposit their droppings.

Absorbent cat litter is considered the mother of all litter types, as in 1947 it was the first modern cat litter to replace the previously used sand filler. Mineral cat litter is made of clay and is noted for its good absorption of liquids. However, the urine remains in the litter box, only the feces can be removed. It is therefore necessary to change it frequently. Another problem when using this litter is that the cat, when digging in it, raises dust. This dust can cause respiratory problems in some sensitive cats. When buying it, make sure that the product is not too dusty.

What brand of cat litter is good for cats?

Silica or Crystal cat litter.

Advantages of silica litter: It is the most absorbent of all cat litters. It perfectly neutralizes bad urine odors.

Which is better: binder or absorbent sand?

The agglomerating sand is similar to the previous one with the added advantage that in addition to absorbing, it has the capacity to form solid conglomerates that are very easy to clean when in contact with the liquid.

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Where is it best to dispose of cat litter?

Cat litter is not, a priori, recyclable. Therefore, it should be separated from the animal’s feces, placed in a closed bag and disposed of in the grey garbage can (litter bin).

Difference between binding sand and binder sand

By their very genetics, cats need to cover their droppings. Consequently, if you live with a feline you should know the different types of litter that exist in the market to know their advantages and disadvantages and select the most suitable for your cat and for you.

Although the use of the litter box and the aspects related to it are not among the most popular when it comes to felines, choosing the right one to use in your home is not a minor issue, given the importance that your pet attaches to hygiene. Therefore, pay attention to the existing types of litter and their characteristics.

Sepiolite-based litter is the oldest and most traditional version. Surely you have seen it on more than one occasion, since it is the easiest to acquire due to its history and low price. You will find it in any supermarket. In addition, in Madrid we have one of the largest sepiolite mines in Europe.

Sepiolite is a light, fibrous and very porous mineral that is often confused with attapulgite, since they share many of their properties and composition. Its most outstanding strength is its absorption capacity. However, because it is so porous, your cat’s urine will end up leaking all over the litter tray.

Which is better, binder or silica sand?

Silica sand, on the other hand, mixes quartz with bicarbonate and is very good at neutralizing odor and absorbing well. The main difference with the agglomerating one is that it does not have to be changed frequently (if we buy a good quality one), so it can last longer. It does not give off dust either.

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How long does cat litter last?

You should change the entire cat litter box every two to four weeks. If possible, wash the entire litter box thoroughly with water and a cleaning product. Non-clumping litter should be changed in its entirety once a week.

What type of sand is best?

It should be silica or also known as silica crystal sand or silica beads which is made of silicon dioxide. This material is very porous and has a high absorption power to neutralize odors effectively.

Cat litter silica gel

There are special shovels to separate the litter from the feces deposited by cats, which will help to recycle both wastes correctly. Thus, the litter can be deposited in the appropriate container and the excrement in the organic container.

Although the practice of depositing biodegradable litter in the toilet is sometimes promoted, it is not an adequate process. Both clumping litter and absorbent pellets, with silica gel beads, corn kernels, pine wood or walnut shells, although soluble, present some obstacles.

Cat litter should never be flushed down the toilet, as this does not separate the parasites or bacteria that populate the feces, whose path could end up in rivers or lakes, infecting many species. On the other hand, although it is composed of soluble materials, they do not dissolve immediately, so they can cause clogs or blockages in the pipes.

The most recommended sands are those of natural origin, based on wheat, corn, alfalfa or recycled newspapers. In addition to being more comfortable for cats, since they do not alter their senses, they decompose easily and are not as polluting. Although they fulfill the same function, litters composed of silica or clay are more difficult to recycle.

What is the best sand for construction?

Fine sand is used for masonry and plastering, while coarse sand mixed with gravel is used in the construction industry to make floors or as part of the foundation because it has the ability to reduce the cracks that appear in the mixture as it hardens.

How long does the binder sand last?

Between one and four weeks for the agglomerating sand.

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How to dispose of cat waste?

The easiest and most common method of disposing of cat litter is to remove it from the box, seal it tightly in a bag and dispose of it in the trash. A biodegradable bag designed for cat litter may seem like a great option.

Cat litter recommendations

Nowadays, we have several types of litter to choose from, and that is precisely where the doubts begin: What is the best cat litter? What kind of litter should we choose? Let’s shed some light on the matter. Take note!

Among the different types of cat litter on the market, conventional absorbent litter stands out. It is the most widely used because it is easy to obtain and because of its price.  If you only have one pet and the box is located in a well ventilated place, it can be a good option.

Ecological litter is a good option for several reasons. One of them is that being an ecological product contributes to the care of the environment. Some of the materials that can be found are cellulose, wood waste or dried parts of cereal crops.

Another reason to choose this type of material is that it absorbs more than conventional sand and eliminates odor better. It is a good option if you have more than one cat and want to use natural materials.

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