Press release what it is

To get your business or company in the media you must master the tools that journalists work with. I have already told you in other posts about the press release and the press kit. In this post I will share with you what the press release is, how to do it and when to use it.

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I also bring you examples of real press releases so you can see how they are formatted. In addition, at the end you will find a summary video about this tool and I will explain the difference between the press release and the press release.

It is a journalistic tool used to contact the media. It is usually used by large companies, corporations and organizations. Its use is not so common among entrepreneurs.

What is a press release and examples?

A press release or press release (PR) is a written communication addressed to members of the media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. … The use of press releases is common in the field of public relations (PR).

What is an event description?

An event is an occurrence of such importance that is scheduled in such activities. This is an activity that is carried out as a communication strategy that must always have an objective or goal. Such an event can be social, artistic or sporting.

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How to start a letter?

The first thing you should do is to indicate to whom the letter is addressed. Before writing the name of that special person, put a respectful adjective, which qualifies your feelings for him/her. It can be “Amado/a, querida/o, adorada/o” or any other adjective with which you usually identify the recipient of the letter.

Press release example

And, additionally, and on a voluntary basis because at that time there was no law requiring blind trusts, I created blind trusts for the administration of all financial assets.

I would like to add that the Court of First Instance decreed the total and definitive dismissal of the case and that, furthermore, that decision was unanimously confirmed by both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Justice of our country.

And, additionally, on a voluntary basis, since the Law does not require it, my family, that is to say, my wife and my children, also constituted blind trusts on their participation in corporations listed in Chile.

What is a corporate communication?

Press releases, or press releases, are news items written by printing consultants or public relations professionals for the media. … A well-crafted press release can draw the attention of a newspaper or publication to a topic of interest to the company and extend the brand’s reach.

What is the description and examples?

Description is a speech (oral or written) that details and explains the characteristics of a place, person, animal, thing or situation. For example: It was a huge place, very bright and with a privileged view.

How to describe a social event?

A social event is a gathering of people organized in advance, to enjoy some kind of event that can cover any social area, from anniversaries, conferences, parties or graduations, among others.

How to make a sample press release

Financial education is one of the most important concepts and areas of development and learning that we human beings have. In times when we receive all kinds of stimuli, guarantees and rewards for the purchase of different products or services, it is imperative to have a basic knowledge of the orderly use of personal finances, in order to ensure a calm and structured future.

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Being able to retire in a calm and orderly manner is one of the most important goals in life. Here we tell you what steps to take to reach old age with consolidated personal finances.

The advertising chaos that prevails today is totally overwhelming. The consumer’s attention span, on the other hand, is diminishing. Therefore, we have to find new ways to break out of the chaos, get closer to consumers and capture their attention.

In LAC and globally, gasoline spending has increased beyond its peak levels witnessed in 2019, reflecting an uptick in road trips as people prepare to leave home.

How to justify an absence from school?

Parents are responsible for excusing their children’s absences from school. And, teachers must accept these excuses as valid.

How to write a letter of absence from school?

I, bearer of identity card #______________, student of ____ Year, Parallel _____, career ______________________, School ________________, I kindly request you to justify my absence from classes from _____ of ________ to ______ of ______ of 201__.

How to justify an absence from school?

To justify these absences you will need a medical certificate, sufficiently clear, stating the impossibility of attending class due to hospitalization, medical tests, consultations, rehabilitation exercises, etc. that the student must perform.

Press Release Today

A press release or press release (PR) is a written communication addressed to members of the media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. It is typically emailed to editors of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, as well as online media and bloggers.

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The ultimate goal of a release is to appear in a media outlet in the form of a news story. In order to be published, the release must conform to communicative structures and the professional routines of journalists, such as newsworthiness criteria.[1] The first press release[2] The first press release[3] is a press release that is published in the media.

The first modern press release[2] was created by Ivy Lee’s agency.[3] Lee was working with the Pennsylvania Railroad at the time of the Atlantic City train crash (1906). Ivy Lee issued the first press release directly to reporters, before other versions of the story, or assumptions, could spread. She used a press release, in addition to inviting reporters and photographers to the scene as a means of encouraging open communication with the media.[4] She also invited journalists and photographers to the scene as a means of fostering open communication with the media.[4

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