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Journalism is a professional activity that consists of obtaining, interpreting, processing and disseminating information and analysis, through the media such as the press, radio, television, the Internet, among others.[1] Journalism is a professional activity that consists of obtaining, interpreting, processing and disseminating information and analysis, through the media such as the press, radio, television, the Internet, among others.[1

Nixon leaving the White House shortly before his resignation became effective (August 9, 1974) in the unraveling of the Watergate Scandal, one of the milestones of investigative journalism.[7]

Journalism has spread thanks to the growth of technology and commerce, marked by the advent of specialized techniques for gathering and disseminating information that has caused the steady increase in the scope of available news and the speed with which it is transmitted.

The invention of the modern printing press in the mid-15th century made possible the emergence of the newspaper as a publication with fixed intervals. The first newspapers were presented every six months in the city of Cologne, in Germany; while it was the Emperor Rudolf II who had the initiative to promote a monthly publication, in 1597, for which he formed a group with the most important publishers of the time.[12] The first newspapers were presented every six months in the city of Cologne, in Germany.

Where to read the press for free?

If you are a regular newspaper consumer, the best way to stay informed is with a free application available in the Google Play Store that gives you access to the main Spanish newspapers gathered in a convenient, elegant and simple application that reminds us very much of the iOS iBook application.

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Why can’t I see Google news?

Cannot access Google News

Your administrator may have disabled access to Google News. For more information, please contact your account administrator. You will not be able to use the app because it does not have a no-access mode. To access Google News, switch to a personal Gmail account.

What are the parts of a news story for elementary school children?

Parts of the News You should consider the parts of the news described below: The Headline: Highlights the most important part of the news item. The entry: Summarizes the news and answers the basic questions. The body: This is the text and narrates the events in order of importance: the most important first.

International news

A century ago, some murderers spread the word about their crimes through letters to newspapers, victims’ families or the police in order to seek notoriety. Today they publish their crimes on the Internet, where they seek to obtain a much higher profile.

In parallel to the development of neurotechnology – capable of visualizing, manipulating, recording, measuring and obtaining information from the brain – it is essential that new neuro-rights be postulated. The right to privacy, cognitive freedom and mental integrity, among others.

The Internet and social networks have introduced into our lives the possibility of having infinite and immediate stimuli that disperse and distract us and lead us to a noisy solitude. Noreena Hertz analyzes the difficulties that the democratic system is going through and the feeling of loneliness that seems to envelop the 21st century, at the TELOS Forum: Rethinking the future.

Witness to key moments in the history of 20th century art, the New York cartoonist reflected on the relevance of his work and the future of comics, and his own demons versus those of others, at the Telos Forum: Remembering the Future.

What is the main function of the news?

The news is an account of a current event that arouses the interest of the public. Of course, it is the journalist’s responsibility to report as objectively and truthfully as possible how the event occurred.

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How to view blocked journals?

To bypass that barrier and read news without limits, users use Chrome or Firefox’s Incognito Mode, something that most online newspapers allow.

How to make the news appear in Google?

All you have to do is look for the Google bar and access the Discover option, which appears with an asterisk, or the letter G in Google. When you see a news item from INFORMATION, click on the heart symbol, which is equivalent to “Like”.

Google international news

Home ” TOC Community Toolkit ” Communicating to Promote Interest and Involvement ” Chapter 6. Communicating to Promote Interest ” Section 4. Preparing News and Press Stories ” Main Section

There is nothing novel about a dog biting a man. However, if a man bites a dog, that is news. Our communities produce a lot of news and much of it doesn’t make the newspapers. However, you don’t have to bite a dog to make the papers. This section will help to bring media attention to the work of an organization or initiative and get its story in the news.

News articles, on the other hand, are more direct. They are intended to address an issue quickly and objectively. An ideal news article answers six basic questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Why? and How? The following is an example of the “lead-in” or “lead paragraph,” which is the first paragraph of an article. Can you identify these elements?

How can I make Google news appear?

The first thing to do is to open the Google application, making sure it is on the home page. Click on More and then go to the Settings section. Once there, we will have to select the General option and look for the section called Discover, where we will configure this news feed.

What are the parts that make up a news item?

There are six parts to the structure of a news story: headline, headline, subhead, introduction, body of the story, illustration and caption. Each of the parts of a news item are essential to create a good news story and stand out in all your newsrooms.

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What is news and what are its parts?

A news item is a journalistic text that can be narrated in a written, audio or audiovisual way. … A news item is structured in a way, it has some parts that make it up, they are: the headline, the lead, the body and the closing.

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