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Der Spiegel (German: Der Spiegel) is the largest weekly magazine in Europe and the most important in Germany. Published in Hamburg, it has a weekly circulation of one million copies. Its style is similar to that of the American Time or Newsweek. It is known in Germany for its distinctive and academic style, as well as for its incredible influence. An average edition has about 170 pages, with two pages of content for every one of advertising.

The first edition of Der Spiegel was published on January 4, 1947. Prior to this date there had already been another magazine by the name of Diese Woche (“This Week”), started in 1946 under the patronage of the British occupation administration in Germany. After some disagreements with the British, the magazine became the property of the country’s leading publisher, Rudolf Augstein, who gave it its present name. Augstein was publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine from the first publication in January 1947 until his death on November 7, 2002.

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El desayuno, que era un buffet, era excelente. Incluía una ensalada de frutas frescas, lo que siempre es una ventaja. La sala de desayunos es bonita y espaciosa y está decorada con mucho gusto. La habitación romántica, grande y encantadora, con una antigua chimenea de cerámica, muy auténtica. El baño es muy moderno y tiene una ducha italiana. Gran ubicación, muy céntrica.

Personal/propietarios muy amables y serviciales. Las habitaciones estaban decoradas con gusto y atención y todo parecía limpio y recién renovado. Este es el tercer hotel en el que me he alojado en Lindau y ha sido con diferencia el mejor y más bonito.

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La ubicación es estupenda, justo en el corazón del casco antiguo. Cerca del aparcamiento público P4. Un montón de buenos restaurantes cerca. Muy recomendable un restaurante de Grecia cerca de este hotel, super delicioso y buen precio, así como enorme porción.

Tenga en cuenta que el aparcamiento público está disponible por un suplemento en los aparcamientos P3 y P4, a 5 o 10 minutos a pie. No es posible reservar. El aparcamiento P1 está a 20 minutos a pie o, si no, a 8 minutos utilizando el autobús de traslado gratuito. Es posible parar delante del hotel para cargar y descargar el equipaje.

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The Alsace Grand Cru Spiegel , or simply Spiegel , is a French white wine product in the town , said the Spiegel , located in the municipalities of Bergholtz and Guebwiller in the department of Haut-Rhin in Alsace .

In October 2011, all the Grands Crus of Alsace move from the status of geographical appellations within the same appellation to that of appellations sharing the same specifications.

To the west, the Vosges protect the hillside from wind and rain. The prevailing westerly winds lose their humidity on the western slopes of the Vosges and reach Alsace in the form of foehn , dry and warm. Precipitation is particularly scarce.

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