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Toyota’s decarbonization strategies have been known for some time: it intends to favor a multi-technology approach, with the aim of developing complementary solutions to battery electric power (hydrogen fuel cells, alternative fuels, etc.), capable, among other things, of avoiding the premature end of internal combustion engines.

As part of their carbon neutrality strategies, the five companies have launched an alliance with the explicit aim of expanding the “fuel production, transportation and use” options for internal combustion engines installed in vehicles participating in the Okayama Three Hour Race on November 13-14, part of the Japanese Super Taikyu endurance championship.

To this end, three initiatives have been identified for the time being, in which each of the five companies will have specific responsibilities. However, new areas of collaboration are not excluded: “in order to expand the options for achieving carbon neutrality and contribute to the creation of a better society while protecting jobs and livelihoods, the five companies intend to further combine their strengths and deepen their cooperation.”

How good is the Subaru brand?

Subaru vehicles are noted for excellent performance and build quality. Subaru of America, Inc. announced that it has been awarded the 2021 Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards for Best Overall Brand, Most Trusted Brand and Best Performance Brand.

Which is the best Subaru model?

1. Subaru WRX STI (Impreza)

Why choose a Subaru?

Tough, reliable cars, with a high build quality and very safe. These are the keys to Subaru’s success in markets such as the U.S., where it is the most recommended brand with the highest loyalty rate. They are cars to travel with peace of mind and with the security of arriving home safe and sound.

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How long a Subaru engine lasts

In Motorpasión Futuro we have talked a lot about LPG. I, without going any further, have been doing so since 2009, when I discovered this technology first hand. All the people who have talked to me about LPG have insisted that it is a safe technology, archiproved, and that it should not be an object of concern on the part of the user.

Well, there was not supposed to be anything to fear, but on September 1 his engine died, having done about 7,000 km on gas. It all started with a white smoke in the rearview mirror as I was coming into Cordoba. How is that possible? Well, that’s the crux of the matter.

I quote: “On the other hand, the engines that use LPG are as reliable or even more so than those that drink gasoline, since the gas treats them particularly well, something that can be felt in the absence of vibrations and the smoothness of operation”. I would certainly trust something like that, would you?

On September 1st, arriving in Cordoba, the engine starts to emit white smoke, synonymous with a serious breakdown. Alejandro checked the oil level (which had been checked before leaving on the trip) and it was below normal. He bought a liter of oil, poured it into the engine, and found that the engine was indeed burning oil.

What is Subaru’s luxury brand?

Subaru Tribeca: the most luxurious.

Where are Subaru cars manufactured?

Subaru has two production centers in the world. One in Japan, in Gunma Prefecture, and the other in the United States, in Indiana. The models sold in Europe come from Japan, as U.S. production is primarily destined for the North American market.

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Where are Subaru cars manufactured?

Subaru has marked another milestone in its history by producing the 2017 Impreza for the first time in the United States. As we will recall, this iconic model that had always been produced exclusively in Japan, is now also assembled at the Lafayette, Indiana, plant – Subaru of Indiana Automotive.

Subaru parts are expensive

The automaker earns top honors from Kelly Blue Boook’s 2021 Brand Image Awards. Among the accolades, it receives the designation as the best performing brand for non-luxury vehicles

“At Subaru, cultivating and maintaining the trust of our owners is at the heart of everything we do, and Subaru owners know we go above and beyond to earn their dedication,” said Thomas J. Doll, president and chief executive officer, Subaru of America. We are honored that Kelley Blue Book has once again recognized the level of loyalty that the Subaru brand represents as the automaker that is More Than a Car Company,” he added.

Brand Watch is an online brand and model perception tracking study that connects to more than 12,000 new-vehicle buyers in the market annually on Kelley Blue Book’s The highly comprehensive study provides insights into how buyers perceive the important factors that drive their purchase decisions and captures brand/model familiarity and consideration among new car shoppers.

How many Subaru models are there?

Subaru produces “in addition to vehicles for the Japanese market” four ranges for export: Impreza (C-segment passenger car), Legacy (D-segment passenger car), Outback (sport utility vehicle derived from the Legacy) and Forester (compact sport utility vehicle).

Which is the best Subaru Forester generation?

The fifth-generation Subaru Forester is arguably the safest Forester yet. It received an IIHS Top Safety Pick + for each model year, 2019-2021. The only black mark on the Foresters safety sheet are the headlights equipped on the sport trim for the 2019-2020 model year.

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What is the meaning of Subaru in Japanese?

For the Japanese culture, order and discipline are fundamental values and their environment is full of meanings, so the word Subaru in Japanese means “The Pleiades”, in such a way that the logo, which is formed by 6 stars, 5 of the same size and one larger one, alludes to the famous constellation …


The Japanese brand already offered several models with LPG, starting with the Impreza, its entry-level compact, which sells from 22,250 euros with the 114 hp 1.6i engine. Among the SUVs, there were also LPG versions of the XV, with the same 1.6i engine, from 23,650, and the 150 hp Forester 2.0i, for 29,650.

The offer is now completed with the 175 hp Outback 2.5i, an all-wheel-drive station wagon with raised suspension and lower protections that sells from 31,650 euros. And in a few months the 170 hp Levorg 1.6 will arrive, which with the adaptation surcharge will also be available for 31,650 euros.

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