Change of ownership and notification of sale of vehicles.

Driving exceeding speed limits, driving after drinking alcohol or driving without a seat belt are offenses for which you can be fined. There are other infractions that may be unknown to you, we explain everything you need to know about the penalties.

In order to drive safely, it is important that we all know and comply with the traffic regulations. Traffic regulations apply not only to drivers of vehicles, but to all road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

An infraction consists of a failure to comply with traffic regulations and can lead to a fine and, depending on its seriousness, can also lead to a loss of points on the driver’s license.

Within each of these types and depending on the dangerousness of the act, the infraction may be classified as minor, serious or very serious.  The amount of the penalty and the possible deduction of points will depend on the seriousness of the infraction.

Who must notify the sale of a vehicle?

The notice of sale must always be made by the seller of the vehicle or any person authorized on his behalf.

How to get rid of a parking ticket?

If, on the other hand, you were fined by the Local Police, you will have to request a written statement of allegations to be completed and submitted to the registry office of the town hall in question. This document will be sent to the police station, which will assess whether or not you were unjustly fined.

What is a car notification?

The notification of the sale of a vehicle is a procedure that serves to communicate to the DGT the transfer of the vehicle to another person without requesting the registration of the transfer in the Traffic Registry, since this is the obligation of the buyer. As we say, it is not mandatory, but it is important.

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If you are the seller of a vehicle, we advise you, for your peace of mind, to notify the sale of the vehicle as soon as the sale is completed. Do not wait for the buyer to complete the transfer procedure:

If you sell your vehicle to another individual, we recommend that you never hand over the vehicle without having in your hands the original contract of sale (the details of the vehicle, DNI, NIE or NIF of the buyer and seller, the purchase price and the date and time at which the contract is signed must not be missing. Do not forget that the contract must be signed by both the buyer and the seller in each of the sheets that compose it) and a photocopy of the DNI, NIF or Residence Card of the buyer. Indicate in the contract the exact time in which you deliver the vehicle: remember that the fines of the fixed radars and for not having passed the ITV will continue arriving to you as long as the change of ownership or notification of sale does not take place.

Before making the transfer or notice of sale, you must check that the vehicle is transferable: The vehicle must be registered and up to date in the payment of local taxes and penalties related to the vehicle (not with the circulation, such as speeding, parking …). The existence of a reservation of title, seizure, or a sealing order on the vehicle may entail certain limitations when transferring or notifying the sale.

What happens if a parking ticket is not paid?

Consequences of not paying a parking fine

These can range from the loss of the 50% discount for prompt payment, a 5% surcharge, and the initiation of proceedings for enforcement, to the seizure of the vehicle in the most extreme cases … … This is also the period in which the fine can be appealed.

What can I do if someone does not want to transfer a vehicle I sold them?

Therefore, if the transfer was not processed before the respective traffic agency where the vehicle is registered, a civil action must be initiated so that a judge may order the corresponding transfer and enforce the parties by means of a judgment.

What can be done if the buyer of the car does not make the change of ownership?

If you have sold your car or motorcycle and the buyer does not make the transfer despite having agreed in the contract (in terms of form and deadlines), you can go to the Jefatura de Tráfico with the contract of sale signed by both parties and file a notice of sale.

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Dgt notification of vehicle transfer

I have had money withheld from my account, can I pay before the seizure takes effect? When will the money be removed from my account? Yes, you can pay the total debt now by providing a one day payment document. We can send it to you by e-mail, or if you prefer, you can pick it up at our office.

I want to modify the bank account where the garnishment has been made since I am not the owner of the money in this account, what do I have to do? It is not possible to modify the bank account where the garnishment has been made, since it is made randomly in any account where you are the owner.

However, before the garnishment becomes effective, we can send you by e-mail a payment document, valid for one day, for the total amount of the debt, or you can come to our office to pick it up, and then the garnishment will be automatically lifted with the deposit.

I have a seizure on my account, what is the reason? When a taxpayer, in spite of having received all the regulatory notifications, either personally or through publication in the Official Gazette, does not pay his debts, it may be necessary to seize his assets to cover them.

What to do when you get an unfair fine?

If the fine has been imposed by the local police, you must go to the town hall of the town where you have been fined and request a written statement of allegations. In it you will have to write the reasons why you do not agree with the fine and, if necessary, provide visual evidence to support your version.

How to appeal a double parking ticket?

To appeal a fine for double parking it is necessary to thoroughly review the notification. It is essential to act very quickly, because it cannot take more than 20 days to present allegations. Any error of form or content may be valid to request the nullity of the fine.

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How to know if a car is notified?

The most appropriate way is through the DGT Report. It is a document that can be requested only by having the registration number of the car in question. It is not necessary to be the owner or to notify the buyer. You can consult the DGT Report of any license plate.


The owner, natural or legal person, will be able to identify the driver responsible for the infraction, but currently there is no obligation to identify the driver when the complaint is for parking, even if it is a legal person. It will only be compulsory for legal entities to identify the driver responsible for the infraction when the complaint is for movement.

If, in the case of being obliged to identify, he does not do so, or in all those cases in which he identifies himself untruthfully, the amount of the fine generated is calculated in relation to the amount of the original fine:

If the fines are paid within 20 days counted from the day following the day of the notification they will benefit from a 50% discount, except those generated for not identifying the driver and fines for carrying radar inhibitor, which will not have this benefit.

When an infraction is committed, the process starts with the complaint. It is communicated by means of the “green bulletin” of denunciation, which if possible is given to the driver or left in the vehicle. It can also be reported by means of image capture (video and photo radar).

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