Who killed the Alday family?

Urquijo case la sexta

Mea Culpa is a police series of unitarios, broadcast by TVN. Produced by Nuevo Espacio Producciones, Geoimagen and Dupla. Written, directed and presented by journalist and TV host Carlos Pinto.

With the participation of diverse actors such as Nelson Brodt, Gabriela Medina, Cecilia Cucurella, Carmen Disa Gutiérrez, Emilio Edwards, Nathalia Aragonese, John Knuckey, Adela Calderón, Grimanesa Jiménez, Luis Dubó, Ariel Mateluna, among many others.

Jorge González (René González López), like his father, became a merchant seaman. Due to his work, he spent up to 7 months at sea, leaving in his beloved Valparaíso the one who was the love of his life. After a few months, his first son with Down syndrome was born. For the same reason, when he was tempted by a drug trafficker to take drugs to Europe, he did not hesitate and embarked on what would be his worst nightmare… The welfare of a child is priceless?

Luis Hernandez (Marcelo Osorio) faced the worst of poverty during his life. At an early age he stole for the first time, after that an endless number of crimes became part of his criminal record. However, hunger and darkness did not take away his desire to help his peers, whom he fed and sheltered when they needed it most.

What happened in the Urquijo case?

The murder of the Marquises of Urquijo is 41 years old as one of the best known crimes in Spain. Three shots at point-blank range ended the lives of Manuel de la Sierra and Lourdes Urquijo, and so many years later the case remains unknown.

What happened to the house of the Marquises of Urquijo?

In the chalet located in Camino Viejo de Húmera, number 27, Somosaguas, in Madrid, the Marquises of Urquijo, owners of the property, were found murdered. The police investigation revealed that Manuel de la Sierra y Torres was shot in the back of the head.

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What happened to Rafi Escobedo?

Rafa Escobedo, married to Myriam, the daughter of the aristocrats, was convicted and sentenced to 53 years in prison. He only served a sentence of five years. After an interview on TVE in which he claimed to be a scapegoat, he was found hanged in his cell in the Dueso prison (Cantabria).

Year of the death of the Marquises of Urquijo

They set up a jewelry and detergent company, contracted a civil union in July 1986, had two children and ended up divorcing; he went on to live with another woman while Miriam, devastated, undertook a series of businesses that almost ruined her. She went around the television stations telling her troubles, I imagine that at least some of them were for profit and to get by as best she could. She recovered financially and emotionally much later after partnering with the former pilot of Pakistani origin Bash Bokhari, with whom she contracted the third marriage of her busy life and founded a company, unlike her brother Juan who, although younger than her, inherited two titles, the main one: sixth Marquis of Urquijo. If his sister lost a good part of her inheritance in her complicated business dealings, Juan, on the other hand, continued with his banking investments and prosperous enterprises that have kept him in an unbeatable economic position to this day. If fortune favored him in that sense, it did not favor him in his marriage to Rocío Caruncho Fontela. Three children were born to them. But in the end that marriage fell apart.

Who lives now in the house of the Marquises of Urquijo?

Despite the enigmas, the heirs continue to live their lives. Juan de la Sierra (63), current Marquis of Urquijo, is separated from Rocío Caruncho, whom he married in 2000, had three children, and is dedicated to carrying on his father’s business.

Who was the Marquis of Urquijo?

Juan Manuel de Urquijo y Landecho, iv Marquis of Urquijo, also held the titles of xiii Marquis of Loriana and ix Marquis of Villar del Águila. In 1980 the 5th Marquise and her husband were assassinated, in one of the best known murder cases in the history of Spain.

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How many children did the Marquises of Urquijo have?

The young Marqués de Urquijo married Rocío Caruncho in 2000 and they had three children.

Marquises of Urquijo photos

Anastasio only accepted that he had taken Rafi Escobedo to the Marquises’ house and that three days later he threw a pistol into the Pantano de San Juan, as Escobedo had asked him to. It was tried to prove without success that a few days after the crime a stewardess, then Anastasio’s girlfriend, brought an envelope with money from London, taken from a branch of the Banco Hispano Americano, where Juan de la Sierra had an account. In fact, at that time the Hispano Americano was trying to buy Banco Urquijo and the Marquis was opposed, an opposition that died with him. But these facts are some more of those surrounding the crime that are more legend than fact.

In 2010, when the Urquijo crime was already prescribed, he gave an interview from Buenos Aires for Vanity Fair magazine in which he again maintained his version of the crime. He also stated that he did not believe the official version of the death of his friend Rafi Escobedo, denying that it was a suicide.  “My great regret has been not being able to say goodbye to my parents.  They died in Madrid without seeing me become a free man. I couldn’t say goodbye to them,” he said.

Who is Javier Anastasio?

Javier Anastasio, the loose verse of the Urquijo crime who knows the missing pieces of the puzzle. … Rafi Escobedo was the only one convicted of the crime of the Marquises of Urquijo. However, his friend, Javier Anastasio de Espona, now 65 years old, fled without serving his sentence.

Where were the Marquises of Urquijo born?

The first Marquis of Urquijo, Estanislao Urquijo y Landaluce, was born in the middle of the 19th century, in Murga, a village in the Ayala Valley, in Alava.

Where are the Marquises of Urquijo buried?

The remains of the Marquises of Urquijo rest in this pantheon.

Miriam de la sierra urquijo – wikipedia

It is quite possible that if a survey had been made on July 31, 1980 asking who the Marquises of Urquijo were, a few people involved in the world of economics would have referred to the marquis as a banker, others, those who read the magazines of the heart, would have delved somewhat into his marriage and his family. Most, however, would have referred to a street in the Arguelles district of Madrid that runs from Calle de la Princesa to Paseo del Pintor Rosales. Just one day later, on August 1, everything changed and the marquises became characters that everyone was talking about.

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In the early hours of that August 1, María Lourdes Urquijo Morenés (V Marquise of Urquijo) and her husband, Manuel de la Sierra y Torres, were murdered while sleeping in their villa in the urbanization of Somosaguas, on the outskirts of Madrid. The main suspect, and later convicted for the crimes, was her son-in-law, Rafael Escobedo.

After working for the Rothschilds’ agency, Estanislao set up on his own as a stockbroker and began working as a moneylender, especially for important families of the old nobility, such as the Osuma and Salamanca families. With the crisis of 1866, and with the impossibility for some of his debtors to meet their obligations, the Marquis of Urquijo ended up acquiring an important real estate patrimony. The family patrimony grew and in 1918 the Urquijo Bank was constituted, which became the flagship of the family patrimony.