The good news of Jesus for children

Unfortunately, there was a tendency in Israel to appropriate the message: God with us, so that we may be a strong people, so that all peoples may come to worship God in our Temple. When the people and Jerusalem and the Temple are destroyed, and when they return from exile, the Prophets come to understand the message better and make it much more spiritual. We do not expect God’s protection as a political message, but as a spiritual one. To fulfill the Law will not bring us triumph over other nations, but over sin.

The Good News is that for God everything is the other way around: those at the top have to serve: those at the bottom are the most beloved. God is not the patrimony of the rich or the powerful: he is not even power: God is food, light, liberation.

In this context, an exposition of the “charisms” is made, to show that all of them are given by God for the Church, for the good of all, and that the greatest of them is charity, which gives meaning to all and without which all the others are nothing.

What do we Christians call the good news?

The set of dramatic and sublime events that narrate the suffering of Jesus of Nazareth and the atoning sacrifice of his death represent the central aspects of Christian theology, including the doctrines of salvation and reparation, being known as “the Passion”.

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Why do we like good news?

Good news makes us believe again that change is possible. They make us smile and give us back the hope that no matter how bad we see everything, it can get better.

What is the good news found in the Gospels?

Peter and James wrote the Gospel. The evangelists did not know Jesus. What is the Good News? The Good News announced by Jesus is that we should all strive to make the world a place where there is more love, justice, peace and forgiveness.

What is the good news for man

The expression has become a classic one to refer to the proclamation of salvation that Christ offers with his life and his Word to men of good will. He brought this proclamation to earth for the benefit of sinners.

For this reason, catechesis should be a fruitful way of gathering this news for the benefit of sinful people.

What is the good news?

This is a fact worthy of special recognition, without ignoring and underestimating the difficulties faced by such a complex process, which aims to definitively overcome a long armed confrontation. Without the slightest doubt, we can affirm that this is good news.

How does Jesus announce the good news?

He himself goes to the meetings of the people, in the synagogues, to announce his message. The people bring him to the sick, to the demon-possessed, and he welcomes them all and heals them. This service to the sick is part of the Good News and reveals to the people the presence of the Kingdom.

Why is it important to read the newspaper?

Reading a newspaper not only nourishes general culture, but also provides the opportunity to obtain information and learn about a specialized topic, which, depending on your interests or curiosity, you can enjoy.

Because the gospel is good news

To be a Christian is to be an apostle, to have a mission. The Christian apostolate, evangelization, consists in telling the world about our personal encounter with Jesus Christ: to communicate (above all with the coherence of our life) this good news, the great news, the best news for each person and for humanity.

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And what is this news? That God has not only spoken to us in his creation, in the world around us, and also in the Scriptures; but that he has sent us his Son to free us from sin and, through the Eucharist, to give us a full life. This makes us witnesses and proclaimers of the Gospel.

It is not just a matter of cold and objective “information,” but of “communication” in the deepest sense of the word: action that puts in “communion,” that unites, by making us participate in this message that brings true happiness when it is lived authentically.

Union with Christ and life in him lead to evangelization. The task of the Church, evangelized and evangelizing, consists in deepening her knowledge of Christ and proclaiming and transmitting the Gospel (the knowledge she possesses, and renews day after day, of Christ and union with him). And she does this with the power of the Holy Spirit: “Evangelizing constitutes, in fact, the joy and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity” (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi, n. 14).

What is the most important commandment that Jesus left us?

I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. 35. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”.

What is the good news announced by Paul and his companions?

Paul recognizes that the foundation of this new creation is reconciliation. In this sense; Paul ends the ideas exposed when he exhorts, insists and asks, as if God did it through him and the apostles: “be reconciled to God!” (2 Cor 5:20).

What good news does Jesus announce at the beginning of his public life?

After the temptations, the public life of Jesus begins. When Jesus returned from the desert he went to Galilee and began to travel through towns and cities, teaching in the synagogues, announcing the Good News of the Kingdom and healing the sick.

What is the good news that the apostles announce?

As we have said (The Messenger No. 163), the Greek word euaggelion, from which our term “gospel” comes, means “good news” or “good message”. In the book of Isaiah, in what can be considered as its second part, we find a beautiful passage describing the arrival of a messenger who announces the good news to the people.

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The first part of the book of Isaiah refers to the tragic time when the kingdom of Israel, in the north, was destroyed by the Assyrians, and the kingdom of Judah, in the south, was also seriously threatened by that empire. This is the time in which the prophet lived. The second part of the book of Isaiah, from chapter 40 onwards, is very different. It is often called the “Book of the consolation of Israel”, sometimes attributed to a different author (“Deutero-Isaiah”), and refers to a much later and very different stage. There has already taken place not only the destruction of the kingdom of Israel at the hands of the Assyrians, but also the destruction of the kingdom of Judah by another empire: Babylon. The Babylonians, after sacking Jerusalem and overthrowing its temple, have taken thousands of captives.

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