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In Greek mythology, Kronos[1] or Chronos[2] (in ancient Greek Κρόνος Kronos, in Latin Cronus)[3][4] was the chief (and in some myths the youngest) of the first generation of Titans, divine descendants of Gaea (the earth) and Uranus, (the sky). Kronos overthrew his father Uranus and ruled during the mythological golden age, until he was overthrown by his own son Zeus and either imprisoned in Tartarus[5] or sent to rule the paradise of the Elysian Fields.[6] The mythology of Kronos was also used in the mythology of the Elysian Fields.[7] The mythology of Kronos is also used in the mythology of the Elysian Fields.

Michael Janda offers an authentically Indo-European etymology of ‘the cutter’, from the root *(s)ker-, ‘to cut’ (Greek κείρω), motivated by Cronus’ characteristic action of “cutting the sky” (or the genitals of the anthropomorphic Uranus). The Indo-Iranian reflex of the root is kar, which generally means ‘to make’, ‘to create’ (hence karma), but Janda argues that the meaning, original to ‘cut’ in a cosmogonic sense is still preserved in some verses of the Rig-veda about Indra’s heroic ‘cutting’, which like Crono’s resulted in creation:

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Very nice and clean villa! Small swimming pool. Next to the pebble beach. Great location. Fresh fruits, honey, coffee and other traditional goodies made our stay incredible! Many thanks for the great owner who is always ready to help you!

Argiris, our host, was very friendly, helpful and went above and beyond: Waited up for us following a late arrival in Crete to handover the keys and orient us; had excellent local knowledge of things to do and see with children; booked a guided trip at short notice and provided an excellent shopping for our arrival. His brother and the cleaning staff were helpful and friendly as well. 2 minute walk to both beach and variety of excellent restaurants. Apartment with pool catered for all of our needs and more. Lots to do and see within a small radius from this beautiful costal location.

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Lovely villa, very well located, one minute walk from the beach. A three minute walk to minimarkets and several restaurants. Cleaning every day. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help with any questions. The beach is wild, but at 300 meters you will be completely alone, the entrance to the sea is pleasant, to find a place for sunbathing is also not a problem. There is a regular bus every 15 minutes. The place is very quiet, people practically will not meet. Excellent for rest and with children, and with animals, especially for people who are tired of a city vanity. From the balcony you can see (and hear!) the sea, the mountain and the beautiful sunset.

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The BBVA bank and Santander are already preparing cards without printed data and with biometric technology for use in Mexico; the idea is that they do not have data such as security code (CVV) or signatures, but that when you use them you can verify the transaction through the app using biometric data such as fingerprint, eye iris, your face and even your veins, yes your veins, when detected by the sensor of a smart watch.

Specifically, Azul Linhas Aéreas passengers are invited to join the initiative, testing this biometric facial recognition technology to access boarding areas and the aircraft themselves. Biometrics has already been tested in Florianópolis, Salvador, Santos Dumont and Belo Horizonte. “This is the first time that the tests are being carried out simultaneously at two of our airports, thus establishing, also in an unprecedented way, a biometric air bridge between RJ/SP, which is the fifth busiest in the world,” said the Executive Secretary. of Minfra, Marcelo Sampaio.

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The journal should provide instructions to the authors, preparation of bibliographical references, Abstract (two languages), keywords. It should also provide information on how to send the original manuscript, cover letter justifying the interest of the work.

The publication’s website should present the composition of the scientific committee in charge of the review, as well as the peer review process for the quality control of the articles.

They are characterized exclusively by publishing articles without carrying out real processes of selection and evaluation of the papers published. The objective of these publications is not to promote or disseminate science, they are not committed to the advancement of knowledge, but to exploit pay-per-publication. Main characteristics:

In the case of books and book chapters, it will be valued that they are published in publishers of recognized prestige, as well as the collection in which the work appears, and the process of selection of originals

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