Can Sage 50 learn online?

Sage operating system

Nowadays, the use of computer programs, and web applications in the registration of operations derived from the organizations, are essential to help the proper functioning of the company.Through the Course in Sage 50 Cloud accounting, we will provide you with specialized training in accounting derived from the use of the previous version of the program Contaplus. You will develop key aspects such as the registration of operations, account analysis, journal entry management, treasury and collection estimates, fixed assets, depreciation and the different tax models, being able to effectively manage any accounting administration department of any organization. From INEAF, we offer you a personalized service and attention, with the aim that you can improve your knowledge and thus improve your job skills.

– To provide students with advanced knowledge about the accounting record through Sage 50 Cloud, as well as analytical accounting.- To control the treasury entries, as well as its process within Sage 50 Cloud.- To learn to use the Sage program in order to analyze accounting information.- To effectively develop the VAT liquidation and the calculation of withholdings in its development.- To proceed to the configuration of reports and listings within the program.

Sage one

Contaplus disappears and has become SAGE 50Cloud. This course will help you to know in depth the solution and all its potentialities, which are many, since they combine the ease of desktop with the flexibility of online. Also, if you need it, you can get accredited and increase your chances of being hired by those companies that have or will have this tool.

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In this course we have sought a balance between the necessary technical rigor of the contents and an attractive and intuitive presentation that facilitates the monitoring of the course and that constitutes a clear learning option, so that all those who take it see their expectations satisfied: understanding and assimilation of everything related to the units developed and ability to apply this knowledge to daily practice.

The syllabus of this course has a dynamic and interactive format, based on which you will be able to actively participate in your learning. A series of icons and links have been used in the construction of the course, which require your participation in the discovery of the contents, since you will have to interact with them to see the information. In this way, following the course becomes a dynamic experience that requires the active participation of the student, which facilitates the rapid understanding and use of the information. This helps to make the course more entertaining, and we must not forget that entertainment increases interest, which in turn favors attention and concentration, which translates into higher levels of learning.

Sage 200 Program

Our entire portfolio of courses, masters and certificates have been endorsed by the Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo and are fully subsidized by the entity. In addition, all the language training we offer has been accredited by the University of Cambridge.

If you are interested in this or any other of the courses we offer, please fill in the following form to receive all the program and detailed information about the course you are interested in.  Our academic advisors will contact you as soon as possible to help you find the academic solution that best suits your needs.

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Sage invoicing

This Sage 50 cloud course is done comfortably from home and with it you will be able to learn everything necessary for the management of this program and its specific tools, accounting and taxation, as well as get a diploma certifying the knowledge acquired, which will serve you to work.

With this Sage 50cloud course you will learn the integrated management that will allow you to know the work circuits of a commercial management, as well as the accounting and tax circuits used by companies.

Module: General handling of the program and specific tools 1. Management: Purchases, Sales, Warehouse 2. 3. Treasury: Forecast of collections and payments 4.

Course qualification: The qualification of this course is delivered in digital format with QR code, in order to avoid possible fraud and ensure the security of the same, since through this QR, any entity may corroborate its veracity.

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