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There are several types of payrolls in Mexico, which accountants and human resources managers must know. This is the only way to keep good records and comply with the Federal Labor Law, among other things.

Payrolls are documents that detail an employee’s salary and the items he/she is receiving. They also indicate things such as social security or taxes, which end up being deducted from the total salary.

The payroll for executive personnel is the one that is elaborated for the high positions of a company. The general payroll is for everyone else. The main difference between these two types of payrolls is the confidentiality of the information. In payrolls for executive staff, the data is handled in a more discreet way.

Sesame is a time and attendance software that has this functionality. When you make a payroll, you can upload it directly to an employee’s profile, where they can also view it at any time, in the document manager option.

What is the name of the payroll program?

Nominasol. The payroll program NominaSol belongs to the group of Software del Sol, it is a free online platform and has nothing to envy to the payroll programs. It manages payrolls, contracts, settlements, incapacities, etc.

How does a payroll system work?

How does a payroll system work? The payroll process begins with the recording of the hours worked at the end of the period. … The most complicated part of the payroll process is the tax calculation. The final step of the payroll process is the payment to the employee.

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What is payroll plus?

Nominaplus is a very complete computer application for payroll management, current and always in continuous change and adaptation to the regulations. … Nominaplus allows the management of payrolls of several companies and with an unlimited number of workers in each of them.

Payroll Software Colombia

Do you need a computerized tool to manage the payment of your employees’ salaries? Don’t worry, there is specialized accounting software that can help you. Specifically, in this guide we show you the best payroll software. Everything you need to create and manage your employees’ payrolls.

These types of programs have modules for the creation, modification or registration of payrolls, as well as for the calculation of all the items that are part of them: gross and net salary, deductions, withholdings, payment of IRPF to the Social Security, etc.

There are numerous programs on the market for payroll management. From free programs such as NominaSol or Nominas Diez Free, to other paid ones such as NominaPlus or a3Asesor. Let’s take a look at the features of each one and see which one is best suited for your company.

It has everything you need for payroll management. Among its most outstanding features we can mention that it is adapted for compliance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and that it is compatible with the [email protected] system.

What is Compaq Payroll?

CONTPAQi® Nóminas is the software that helps you control the calculation and payment of wages and salaries, as well as being up to date with labor-employer obligations; in addition to facilitating the issuance and stamping of the payroll CFDI.

What is the nomipaq system?

CONTPAQi® Nóminas is the payroll management system that easily adapts to your calculation processes, helps you comply with all legal obligations and pay your employees on time.

What is a payroll and an example?

The payroll is a document that reflects the total amount to be received monthly by an employee, or salary, based on the services rendered to a company.

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Cloud Payroll Software

The term payroll is used to refer to the payment of wages and salaries. Hiring the services of a company specialized in payroll dispersion will help you eliminate risks, minimize time and solve problems that can be costly.

The payroll process begins with recording the hours worked at the end of the period. This can be as simple as adding up the hours worked and multiplying them by that person’s hourly pay. Also, many times adjustments are made to include overtime, commissions and other compensation.

The next step is to calculate the employee’s withholdings. The most complicated part of the payroll process is the tax calculation. The final step in the payroll process is the payment to the employee.

A payroll system makes this task much easier by adding processes that allow for proper administration. Normally, a system has a standard operation, with previously configured calculations, but it must allow changes in the processes, concepts and formulas to adapt them to your company.

What is Payroll 4?

Payroll is the sum of the financial records of employees’ salaries, including wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services rendered during a certain period of time.

What is the ordinary and extraordinary payroll?

ordinary payroll: this is the payment of a fixed salary, whether weekly, biweekly or monthly. extraordinary payroll: these are payments such as PTU, Christmas bonus, which are issued for separation. … the total amount of the payroll cannot be negative.

How is the Noi program managed?

Aspel NOI offers you an accurate calculation of employee’s income and deductions in accordance with the tax and labor regulations in force. Generates Digital Tax Receipts via Internet (CFDI 3.3) of Payroll Receipts and receipts similar to salaries.

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