How do I access Sage Business Cloud payroll?

Sage software

We have already talked about Sage in our article on software for accountants. It is a company that offers numerous labor management solutions for freelancers and companies. Its main feature is that it is a software in the cloud, with all the advantages that this entails.

It is a comprehensive management tool that combines the capacity of desktop applications with the versatility of online platforms. It is the update of Sage FacturaPlus. It allows automating processes related to accounting, data protection or bank reconciliation. It can also be integrated with Office 365.

Sage 50cloud has different versions, aimed at wholesalers, retailers, repair and maintenance and professional services. It is also available in three versions: Essential, Standard and Premium.

The perfect solution to integrate with the previous tool. It allows you to manage everything related to labor and human resources in the company. It provides real-time information and ensures compliance with data protection regulations (RGPD).

Which program is Sage?

SAGE is the software package or suite most widely used by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage their accounting, invoicing and personnel management activities.

What is Sage 200 Cloud labor?

Sage 200 Laboral is the comprehensive solution for accurate and connected payroll management, integrating payroll processes and their corresponding legal obligations in a streamlined and intuitive environment, to ensure that your employees are paid on time and on budget.

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How to contact Sage?

If you have any questions, you can contact us at 917 482 870 – 933 800 852.

Sage Contact Us

Increasing sales and reducing operating costs are top priorities for businesses around the world. Companies like yours face the same challenges – from winning customers and expanding into new markets to eliminating inefficiencies, automating processes and increasing competitiveness.

How do you meet them successfully? Start with your data. A recent study with companies in Europe and North America shows that improving usability, accessibility and data intelligence significantly impacts profits. To get better data, start with Sage X3.

Improve efficiency across the enterprise with this Sage X3 management software and provide the insight your employees need, when they need it. In the office or on a mobile device. Sage X3 gives you the tools to reduce costs, increase revenue and win new customers locally and internationally. Grow your business with Sage X3!

Accelerate transaction times. Sage X3 will provide you with real-time inventory counts, customer pricing and customer risk information in the field. No need to spend time calling the office to get that information. And with Sage X3, your salespeople will have all the information they need to quote and enter orders remotely. No sales opportunities will be missed and orders can be shipped faster.

How to post invoices in Sage?

To make the accounting we have to access the Accounting module and within the menu Accounting and Finances/Accounting Operations/Accounting entries/Invoice Entry. In the Invoices Entry we position ourselves in “Expenses Entry” from the menu Entry/Expenses.

What is SAGE 50c?

Sage 50c is a business management software for freelancers and small businesses that allows you to manage and control all areas of the business: Finance. Purchasing. Sales.

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What is SAGE accounting?

What is Sage Accounting and Invoicing and who is it for? It’s software to manage your company’s invoicing and accounting is automated. It allows you to create and send invoices quickly and easily, track cash flow, automate administration, capture expenses and much more.

Sage cloud

If you are interested in the business world and especially in accounting and human resources management, you have probably heard or read on more than one occasion the term “SAGE” without knowing exactly what it refers to. Today we will clear up all your doubts about it and you will see that, in fact, it could be said that you already knew what it was all about.

Among its main features are the automatic accounting of sales and purchase transactions, forecasting the evolution of cash flow, controlling depreciation, issuing checks or filing the VAT form 303, among others.

FacturaPlus is the second of the programs that SAGE integrates. It is an invoicing program that makes it easy to control the commercial processes of the business: issue purchase and sales documents, control stock, issue bank remittances, etc., in addition to offering reports, lists and graphs that make it easy to know the current and historical status of the business at all times.

What is Endalia HR?

Endalia HR is a Human Resources management software that integrates all the information and processes. A single tool with two different environments, oriented to different user profiles: employee portal and management environment. Learn more about our HR software for medium and large companies.

How to upgrade Sage 200c?

To download versions, we will do it by accessing the Sage Contigo support page. ( We will have to inform the user and the Password to be able to accede. In the left part, we will select in “Shortcuts” the option of “Online Updates”.

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Which database does Sage 50 use?

What is the Sage 50 database like? Unlike ContaPlus and FacturaPlus which used a DBF type database system, Sage 50 uses a much more modern and stable SQL structure. In this way, data loss between tables is avoided.

Sage one

With this launch, Sage once again reflects its commitment to creating a suite of solutions that will ensure the long-term success of its customers by expanding its customer offerings, as evidenced by the recent acquisitions of Intacct (financial management in the Cloud), Fairsail (human capital management) and Compass (analytics and benchmarking).

Sage Business Cloud has been available to both new and existing customers since October 10 in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Its rollout in the rest of the countries is planned for the end of 2017 and 2018 progressively.