How do I calculate my hours worked per month?

Calculate hours worked

Home / Query Center / Queries / Remuneration / OvertimeShareI do not shareREMUNERATION, OVERTIMEREMUNERATION, OVERTIMEHow is the value of overtime calculated for a worker paid with a monthly salary? To calculate the value of overtime, in the case of a worker hired for 45 hours per week and with a monthly salary, his salary must be divided by 30 and then multiplied by 28, and the result must be divided by 180, thus obtaining the value of each ordinary hour.

How to calculate the number of hours worked?

Historically, the ordinary hour has been calculated by dividing the worker’s salary by the 240 hours per month that a worker is assumed to work. This value is arrived at by multiplying the 30 days of the working month by the 8 hours per day that the worker must work.

How many working hours does a month have?

What should be worked is 42 hours a week, with a limit of 10 hours a day. That is what matters. In the week you should work only 6 days of 7 hours or 5 days of 8.4 hours, and since the 30-day month has approximately 4,285 weeks, the hours you should work monthly are approximately 180 hours.

How is excess annual working time calculated?

The following formula is used to calculate the effective annual working hours: Days of the year – vacations – vacations – Saturdays and Sundays = Total working days per year. The result is multiplied by 8.


On the other hand, the maximum working week is 40 hours. In turn, the weekly rest period must be at least one and a half days, without prejudice to what may be established by the collective bargaining agreements of each specific sector. This does not take into account workers who are entitled to a reduction in working hours.

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It should be noted that the total weekly hours may vary depending on whether the employee has a full-time or part-time contract. Normally, employees with a part-time contract work between 20 and 30 hours.

But how many hours of work per year can be done? The Workers’ Statute sets the maximum annual working hours at 1,826 hours and 27 minutes. However, collective bargaining agreements usually establish their own scales, which usually range between 1,750 and 1,800 hours.

There are many workers who wonder how to count annual working hours; in fact, questions about working hours are usually the most polemical, along with salary. The truth is that the calculation is quite simple. To do so, you must take into account the following factors:

How are the 8 working hours counted?

If you enter at 8:00 a.m. and leave at 4:00 p.m., by law you are entitled to take a half hour break (at least) in which you can eat your meals or focus on other things. In this way it is considered a continuous 8-hour workday, where it is still considered effective working time.

How to calculate working hours in Excel?

For this we are going to use the function Dias. Lab function, which will allow us with a start date and an end date to calculate the working days, adding also the holidays that we want. To this result we simply have to multiply it by the number of daily working hours and that’s it!

How many hours are worked per year 40 hours per week?

The duration of the working day will be that agreed in the collective bargaining agreements or employment contracts and the maximum will be 40 hours per week of effective work on an annual average. Several rulings of the Supreme Court state that this amount would imply a maximum of 1,860 hours and 27 minutes per year.

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How to calculate daily working hours

Shortstack CEO and co-founder Jim Belosic describes in Inc magazine his experience with decisions made at his company and his thoughts on how to calculate and weigh the value of each hour of work for team members:

The relocation team consisted of three outstanding platform developers, some of the other key team members and myself. If I had thought for a moment about the value of the time we were spending on it all, I would have realized that hiring some professionals would have been more cost-effective for the company.

And as in this case, it should apply to everything else: when deciding which team member is the most appropriate to train new employees, when assessing whether a certain employee should be in charge of creating content or supervising the work of other, less experienced workers, when deciding whether the entire staff should attend that staff meeting or better limit it to a few key employees….. For everything, you have to make your calculations.

How many hours per year is the 40-hour work week?

Annual conference

The workers’ statute does not define a maximum annual working day. However, based on the 40 hours per week indicated above, case law has considered the maximum annual working day to be 1,826 hours and 27 minutes (e.g., Supreme Court ruling of September 18, 2007).

How many days are worked in a year?

321 minus 78 days (corresponding to one and a half days of weekly rest for the 52 weeks of the year according to art.

Who achieved the 8 hours of work?

Indeed, the workers of the United States were the initiators of the struggle for the eight-hour workday as a culmination of the Baltimore Labor Congress of the Labor Union on August 16, 1866.

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Calculate percentage of hours worked

Then, the concern arises when the month is divided into weeks, and then when multiplying the weeks by the 48 hours, the result is not 240 hours, since if we divide the 30 days of the month by the 7 days of the week, we will have approximately 4,285 weeks, which if we multiply it by the 48 hours per week gives us a total of 205.7 hours, which is far from the 240 hours per week.

The week is understood to be 7 days, but the work week is only 6 days, since Sunday is a paid day off, so the 48 hours must be worked in 6 days, which coincides with the 8 hours per day of the ordinary workday.

240 hours are taken into account for purposes of calculating, for example, the value of the hour, since the 30 days of the month must be paid even if they are not worked, since there are paid rest days.

What must be worked is 48 hours per week, with a limit of 8 hours per day. That is what matters. In the week only 6 days of 8 hours must be worked, and since the 30-day month has approximately 4,285 weeks, the hours that must be worked monthly are approximately 205 hours.