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During 2014-2018, different consultation, research and development events will produce a series of thematic strategies so that by 2018 there will be a full range of complementary and cohesive strategies operating and enabling us to establish a 2018-2025 Master Plan for Liverpool Culture. To date, this way of working has worked very well for us, but its weakness lies in its focus on the administrative area of the city, where half a million people live, rather than concentrating on the wider metropolitan region, where 1.5 million people reside. The city is the cultural node of this wider area and plans are being developed to establish a new partnership, which will be in charge of cultural services in the metropolitan area.


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Liverpool is located in the county of Merseyside, in the northwest of England, and lies on the River Mersey.  A port city, at the beginning of the 19th century 40% of the world’s maritime trade passed through Liverpool docks. Today, it is the second largest port in the United Kingdom in terms of export volume after London.

In 2004, several areas of the city center were declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco. Pier Head, Albert Dock and William Brown Street are the most famous points of interest in the city.

Liverpool has its own airport. On the official website you will find all the information you need to know about flights or connections to the city. Its planes fly to 68 different destinations and it operates especially with Easyjet and Ryanair.

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It is important to visit the city knowing what is the liverbird, internationally recognized as the symbol of the city of Liverpool. In the Royal Liver Building, 50 meters high, there are statues of two of these birds, with their defiant wings, representing the indomitable spirit of the people. One of them, the male, points towards the sea to watch for intruders; the other, the female, looks towards the city as a symbol of protection for her family.

Liverpool store

Rail transport in Liverpool is mainly operated by Merseyrail. There are three major lines: Northern Line, Wirral Line and City Line. If you will be using the train frequently, it is best to buy a Railpass ticket; there are weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual passes available at train stations. In some cases you may be able to get around the city using long-distance operators.

Opening a bank account is difficult if you have just arrived in the UK. Banks will often ask you for documents to open an account and to obtain these documents you may need to have a bank account first. You usually need two documents: proof of identity, such as a passport or ID card, and proof of address (such as water or electricity bills, a letter from the Job Centre or a UK driving license), which can be more difficult to obtain.

If you do not have proof of address, which is very likely at first, you can try some banks that offer accounts for newcomers to the UK, and where you will only be asked for a passport; no proof of address is required. These banks are Halifax and Lloyds. Normally, you have to apply for an account online, fill in a form with your details and then go to the bank with your passport. In some cases, the busier branches will not open an account for you if you have a lot of trouble with the language, so try a less busy branch, perhaps outside the city center.

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Liverpool fans had been looking forward to celebrating the Premier League title for a long time and, despite health advice not to do so due to the coronavirus pandemic, some decided to disregard safety measures and took to the streets to do so in droves.

In addition, the city has been unhappy with other images showing the crowd cheering after fireworks were thrown at the facade of the Liver Building, a historic building in Liverpool, and in front of which the fans gathered. In addition to all this, the police announced that there had been several violent incidents and vandalism throughout the night, which ended with several people being injured.

Faced with these scenes that soon went around the world, Liverpool wanted to come forward as an entity and has launched a joint statement with the Merseyside police and Liverpool City Council condemning these behaviors “totally unacceptable&rdquor.

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