How do I hire myself as an employee?

I sign a contract and I am not called to work

For example, if a minority shareholder is a general manager or has any other position, there may be a subordination and dependency relationship by virtue of an employment contract and social security contributions as a dependent.

First of all, you must verify the total assets and the total discounts. The difference between the credits and the discounts will be your net salary. However, within this total, you must also include the following company costs:

Consequently, you could not sue yourself, neither is the Labor Code applicable, nor the regulating and supervising entity of labor relations in Chile. That is to say, the Dirección del Trabajo.

Finally, it is important to be clear that this is a tax benefit and not a labor benefit. Thus, if you comply with the requirements established by law, you can declare as expenses the payments you make for working in your company, reducing your tax burden.

However, if you intend to hire yourself, you should inform yourself about the requirements, formalities and prohibitions that must be complied with. Assuming that it is not an employment relationship for you, but a tax benefit.

How can I view my employment contract online?

Where can I get a copy of my employment contract? Fortunately, nowadays, all contracts signed at the beginning of an employment relationship are reported to the Social Security. They are thus registered and, therefore, can be consulted at any time from the Ministry of Labor’s portal.

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What should a written employment contract contain?

A written contract must contain the following information: Name, surname, age, sex, marital status, profession or occupation, address, origin and nationality of the parties; description of the work; type of contract and date of commencement of the contract; place of work; the worker’s residence; hours and the matters …

How to see your Social Security contract?

The fastest alternative is the Social Security Electronic Headquarters, where you can access, view, consult or even download and print your employment history from any device.

Contract without signature of one of the parties

In this article we inform you of the five steps you must take to hire a worker: previous formalities with the Social Security (registration as employer and worker’s affiliation), registration of workers, registration of the employment contract with the SEPE and payment of the monthly contribution.

Before continuing, if you have not already done so, we recommend that you first read our article “Keys to success when hiring a worker”, where we discuss the need for personnel, salary costs and personnel selection.

When applying for registration, you must state the managing entity and/or the collaborating entity or entities for which you opt, both for the protection of work-related contingencies and occupational diseases and for the coverage of the economic benefit for temporary incapacity derived from common contingencies.

The change of entity that covers the contingencies of occupational accidents and professional illnesses and/or, if applicable, the economic benefit for temporary disability must be presented ten calendar days prior to its effectiveness.

What happens if a company does not give me a copy of my contract?

Therefore, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) invites workers who do not have a copy of their written contract to approach the Federal Attorney’s Office for the Defense of Labor (PROFEDET) to receive free advice in order to protect their labor rights.

How do I know what type of contract I have in Ecuador?

Enter the Ministry of Labor Relations web portal, click on ONLINE SERVICES and then click on CONTRACT SYSTEM. Choose the option “Log in to the system”.

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How to know if an employment contract is false?

A valid written contract must have the full legal names of the parties and their corresponding signatures. The signature must also contain the date to indicate when the contract was entered into. A contract can also be valid with electronic signatures. There are different types of electronic signatures.

Can I be an employee of my own company in Colombia?

In principle, we can say that the employer has the ability to designate different functions or tasks to its workers, regardless of the functions for which they had been hired at the beginning of the employment relationship.

Yes, these changes are within the powers of business management, so there are no limits, except for the dignity of the worker and that the worker has the required qualifications to perform the work, nor is it necessary to justify its decision.

Yes, but the employer must justify that the reason is due to urgent or unforeseeable needs of a peremptory nature, it is understood that it must be something extraordinary. If this is not the case, you may appeal to the Labor Court to request that you be relocated to the position for which you were originally hired.

In any case, they cannot undermine your dignity or be detrimental to your training and professional promotion. The salary you were receiving in your previous position must always be respected.

What is payable under a service contract?

Likewise, the employee for the provision of services must pay in full his contribution to health and EPS, which is 12.5% of 40% of the fees, i.e. 5% of the contract. … On the side of the parafiscal contributions, this type of worker is also obliged to make these contributions on 40% of their fees.

What is a fee-based service contract?

It is a document of civil character, by means of which a person or company subscribes an agreement with respect to another person who is going to carry out a specific activity.

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How can I modify my Social Security data?

How to change personal data in the Social Security records? To change your personal data, you should contact the nearest Social Security General Treasury Administration.

The owner of a company may be an employee of the company.

If the term of the contract has expired, the work for which he/she was hired has ended or due to the disciplinary causes of article 160, he/she must be informed within 3 days after he/she stops rendering services.

The verbal or physical offenses manifested by the employee towards the employer that are considered sufficient to terminate the employment contract. There is a weighting and balancing factor whose limit is left to the decision of the courts of justice in the event of a claim by the employee (Source: Labor Directorate).

Regarding the earthquake of February 27, 2010, the Labor Directorate, in its Opinion No. 1412 021 of March 19, 2010, clarified that for the strict application of the cause “fortuitous event or force majeure”, the following conditions must be met:

Yes, if the employer considers that it is a cause for dismissal, since by establishing a work schedule in the contract it would not be fulfilled as agreed and could be considered by the employer as a serious misconduct.