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Throughout a complete syllabus, students will be introduced to the field of strategic business management and marketing within the company. In addition, students will be trained in sales success and operations and logistics management.

The methodological program will also cover aspects such as the management of information and control systems, HR management and economic and financial management. In addition, those who decide to take this course will acquire creative skills, learn how to create companies and receive complementary training in human resources 2.0.

The objective of the MBA Online is to train students to formulate and implement successful strategies in business management, entering into each of the areas of the company. It trains managers capable of evaluating marketing plans and the ideal channels for marketing products or services; controlling operations and logistics plans; information systems and technologies; human resources; and the economic-financial situation. In short, to provide the indispensable knowledge for a correct business management in any of the aspects of an organization.

How to upgrade Sage 50?

To download versions, we will do it by accessing the Sage Contigo support page. ( We will have to inform the user and the Password to be able to accede. In the left part, we will select in “Shortcuts” the option of “Online Updates”.

What is Sage Live Update?

LiveUpdate is a new feature that allows you to automatically update your Sage Solutions through a service that will notify you, download and install in silent mode, the updates available for your application. … Automatic installation of downloaded updates.

What is Sage 50c?

Sage 50c is a business management software for freelancers and small businesses that allows you to manage and control all areas of the business: Finance. Purchasing. Sales.

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Sage online

The problem is that we are talking about software that takes control of your connection and that software can crash, or get blocked by a bug in another program or a virus that you have in memory, and leave your connection exposed. Even if it only takes a few seconds, it is enough for a supposed spy to find out who you are, or what you are doing.

There are also what is known as DNS leaks, where a VPN slowdown causes the operating system to switch to standard, unencrypted DNS servers, exposing your connection.

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is a technology based on a database used to resolve names in networks, i.e. to know the IP address of the machine where the domain we want to access is hosted.

Because the virtual private network, due to saturation or other failure, takes a long time to respond to an access request, Windows (or the operating system you are using) changes the DNS servers of the VPN for the unprotected DNS that we usually use, exposing our connection.

How many versions of ContaPlus are there?

Currently there are three versions with different functionalities: Essential, Stardard and Premium. It is designed to be used in any sector: retail and wholesale, professional services, maintenance and repair, etc.

What is Sage Plus Flex?

Sage ContaPlus Flex is an accounting software specially designed for SMEs and freelancers, which simplifies the management of accounting and financial processes and whose use does not require advanced accounting knowledge.

What is ContaPlus Flex?

ContaPlus Flex is a Sage solution that was used by companies to perform accounting tasks and calculations in an agile way. It is a simple solution with which you could keep track of business finances, manage accounting and reporting in a simple and fast way.

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Sage management

What I liked the most was chapter 6. Classification of group dynamics.Opinion of the course Programa Superior de Especialización en Mediación Familiar + (Access to the Registry of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice)

I consider that it is a very complete course, since it covers some of all the topics related to the sociocultural monitor.Opinion of the course Professional Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition (Accredited) + GIFT: Official Software License of Diets Elaboration.

Pedro B. M.: I found the course interesting because of the topics of Prevention and Health of hospital institutions. It is easy to study and allows access to different professional opportunities. I did not miss anything. Opinion of the course Professional Technician in Fiscal Administration

Pilar V. V.: I took the course because of the opportunities it offers. I found the syllabus enjoyable and practical when it comes to work. You learn the ways of running a residence, how to manage it and many other things. The course is very interesting.opinion of the course Pharmacy Assistant Technician + Gift: Educational License Software for Pharmacy Management

Which database does Sage 50 use?

What is the Sage 50 database like? Unlike ContaPlus and FacturaPlus which used a DBF type database system, Sage 50 uses a much more modern and stable SQL structure. In this way, data loss between tables is avoided.

What is Visionwin?

Visionwin Accounting is an accounting tool designed especially for SMEs. Its system allows to perform all accounting actions in an easy and intuitive way, by means of templates. It is fully adapted to the SII system of the Tax Agency and allows you to add all the VAT and income tax.

How do I know which version of Sage I have?

Log in to your Sage 200cloud or Sage Murano with Administrator or Advanced permissions. Go to the ADMINISTRATION > ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE.

Sage cloud

… Online Taxation. Our best endorsement is the opinions of students who have already completed our Master in Labor, Tax and Accounting Consulting…. Learn about: Euroinnova cursos, Tax consulting, Taxation…

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… … related to employee remuneration. In this way, it will provide a comprehensive service to the client or taxpayer. It is for this reason that this master advising… Learn about: Economic activities, Temporary disability, Corporate tax…

… and labor conflicts and mediation. You will acquire knowledge about tax management, its bases and rates, types of quotas, VAT and taxes on goods…. Learn about: Risk prevention, Social Security, Statement of Cash Flows…

… commercial and taxation for financial instruments, you will also be able to perform auxiliary personnel management. On the other hand, you will learn how to handle contaplus… Learn about: Inventory and stock management, Sales and purchase operations, After-sales management…

… mercantile and fiscal for financial instruments, you will also be able to carry out the auxiliary management of the personnel. On the other hand, you will learn how to handle contaplus… Learn about: Stock and inventory management, Purchasing and sales operations, After-sales management…

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