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Regarding the efforts of the administration to fight against this tax fraud, 47.7% of the respondents believe that they are few and 55.6% also see few efforts to explain the destination of the taxes.

When questioned personally on this subject, “Do you personally consider yourself to be very aware and responsible, fairly aware and responsible, not very aware and responsible or not very aware and responsible at all?”, these percentages vary: 55.9% say they are fairly aware and only 5.1% say they are “not very aware and responsible”.

Despite this generalized perception of fraud, respondents believe that a large proportion (45.2%) of people they know actually declare all or almost all of their income when filing their personal income tax returns, 29.5% quite a lot, 16.2% a little and 2% none at all. Furthermore, 56.6% believe that the people they know and are obliged to declare VAT, such as professionals and self-employed, declare all or quite a lot of their income.

Less rejection, although still a majority, is received by setting up a company operating only on the Internet to pay less tax (61%), paying without an invoice for a domestic repair to avoid paying VAT (72.8%), being self-employed and not charging VAT (86.4%), and being self-employed and deducting personal expenses as business expenses that do not correspond (86.2%).

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Almost six out of ten respondents think that two people with the same income should pay different amounts of taxes depending on the origin of their income, whether it comes from work, donations, inheritance, rent or benefits.

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Likewise, 62% believe that revenue should come mainly from direct taxes, such as personal income tax, and only 18% advocate increasing revenue through indirect taxes such as VAT.

The vast majority considers that the Administration makes little or very little effort to explain the destination of taxes and the study reveals that more than 60% think that very few resources are devoted to help dependents, Social Security and pensions, research in science and technology and environmental protection.

In the left-wing bloc, Podemos and Más País opted for different forms of tax increases for large companies and the wealthiest. For example, a progressive tax reform on personal income tax that would have an impact on people with higher incomes. On the other hand, the PSOE was lukewarm on tax matters and abandoned the proposal to raise the personal income tax on the highest incomes which it had presented on 28-A. In its electoral program it limited itself to defending “greater fiscal justice” and an unspecified tax reform.

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A foreigner must go to one of the Citizen Attention Centers with a copy of his/her passport, migratory regulation or visa copy. In case he/she does not have a visa, he/she must bring a letter from his/her country’s embassy requesting such certification. This process takes five working days.

No, both the certifications and the registration in the portal are personalized and individual. The person who wants the certification must first register in the service portal and then go through the process of issuing the certification.

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To pay online for our services, you must register in the portal and then in the section to request services online select the option to pay for services, choose the service you wish to acquire and proceed with the payment.

– Department of Incorporation and Registration of Non-Profit AssociationsWhere should I go to register a process of incorporation and / or statutory modification of a non-profit association?

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Construction sites” are both those construction sites (residential buildings under construction, factories, offices, warehouses, shopping malls, etc.) and those construction sites where temporary structures, civil engineering works or facilities, infrastructure and other major works are built.

Before making any payment to any “subcontractor”, contractors must register with the CIS and verify that the “subcontractor” in question is also registered (thus having an identification code) in order to apply the deduction properly. The “contractor” can then either pay the “subcontractor” the gross amount (0% deduction) or make a withholding tax deduction (20% if the subcontractor is registered), which the “contractor” must pay to HMRC on a monthly basis and duly complete the relevant CIS records. Subcontractors will not be required to register, but their deductions will be at a higher rate if they are not, as the “contractor” will be required to make a flat tax deduction of 30% of the payment of any payment for the provision of services. The following activities will not be included in the regulation:

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