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We can configure selection criteria so that the user can set them each time he wants to generate the report by creating a complementary text file. Each of the reports is based on a table or a view. To transfer the parameters from Sage CRM to the Crystal report, you need to know the name of the view that the report uses. For example, it is possible that a report with the name CUSTOMCOMPANYSUMMARY.RPT uses the vSummaryCompany view.

You can find detailed information on this process in the SAGE CRM Administrator’s manual, in chapter 41. You can also contact us using the form below if you would like us to help you.

Crystal Reports – Using parameters

If you use a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution integrated with a leading ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, this approach will show the specific numbers that your company is used to analyzing in your monthly review meetings, in addition to quickly and clearly demonstrating how your organization is performing against its goals.

In the past, tracking and monitoring weekly or monthly KPIs could quickly become a spreadsheet nightmare. The capabilities built into today’s recommended CPM software solutions make it easy for you to plan, track and monitor your KPIs – starting immediately.

Ready to track your KPIs? Your first step is to make sure you are using a recommended CPM software solution that contains at least the 13 most important KPI planning, tracking and monitoring tools.

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A good Corporate Performance Management solution will provide you with templates, reports and dashboards that will help you complete your KPI planning, tracking and monitoring tasks smoothly. With these tools, you can have a continuous and comprehensive view of each of your KPIs over time.

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We all know that nowadays, ERP is the best container for our business information. Every time, less and less excel sheets and individual documents are used in an anarchic way that contributes nothing, but chaos, to the administrative efficiency. Evidently, this is because the database of our ERP encompasses all the information in an organized and accessible way, which makes any data to be found very quickly, and also all the data or documents related to it. Continue reading →

Sometimes we are about to print an invoice, delivery note or a list of items and we do not see the definition or template we need. Have we lost it? What can we do? Do we have to redefine it?

We have to know that the lists or definitions are saved in a folder called Listings. Whenever a server change is made it is necessary to make copies of the database and also of our Listings folder. Therefore it is important to know the path to be able to find that folder. Continue reading →


The Sales Revenue-Products and Services report displays a list of items you have sold in a selected period or date range. The report shows the item type (stock, product or service), quantity sold (or hours if you provide services), net sales amount, cost, amount and profit percentage for each item.

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If you have exported the report to a CSV file, your web browser may ask you to choose a folder to export it to instead of automatically using the download folder. Also, if you have exported the report to a PDF file, your web browser may open it in a new window. You can then download or print the report from the PDF window.

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