To help you understand each of these criteria, consult with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Advisor. If you would like to obtain a poster listing the FLSA minimum wage requirements that employers are required to display in their facilities, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s website.

When you are faced with setting a pay schedule, you will also need to decide how many paid days off you want to offer your employees, if any. Although federal law does not require payment to employees for days not worked, it is likely to be a requirement of state and local governments, so this benefit can help you remain competitive with other companies and attract better employees.

Many companies also offer paid and unpaid time off that employees can use for religious holidays, as well as bereavement leave (absence from work in the event of the death of a family member).

Who is in charge of a company’s payroll?

Human Resources managers must be experts in the creation of payrolls, in the laws that affect them, in how to modify the information in them and manage this type of incidences, how to make the necessary arrangements with the Social Security and how to calculate these payrolls.

What is the payroll process?

Payroll Processing services include the following: Payroll processing and payment. … Data processing for accounting records related to payroll and accrual of personnel liabilities. Processing of employee and employer contributions to the Savings Bank.

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How is a payroll settled in Colombia 2021?

Formula to liquidate severance payments: Salary x number of days worked /360. The employer pays each month 8.33% of the total accrued. The employer pays 4.17% of the total accrued each month.

Payroll payment example

As an entrepreneur you have to consider paying taxes as a priority within your company’s obligations, and your contributions should not be a financial or operational burden, but part of an active tax planning, with the goal of optimizing resources and creating opportunities for profit.

Ideally, companies should be able to maintain a cash flow that allows them to face business taxes in Mexico without major difficulties. As a first step, they should identify the regime under which they are incorporated.

The payment of taxes in Mexico is something of great importance for all SMEs. Some tips you can consider are to implement technology to optimize the tracking of cash flows in a business bank account, use economic resources appropriately, get advice and information correctly and always seek to comply with the payment of taxes on the dates established by the authority.

Who is in charge of payroll?

On the other hand, the calculation and management of payments to each employee, the registration with governmental and social security entities and the recording of payroll in the company’s financial records is the responsibility of the accounting department.

Who is in charge of payroll?


Bi-weekly payroll calculation and review Extraordinary payroll calculation and review. … To have order, facility and control in the elaboration of the payroll. Modify hours and salaries whenever required according to authorized memorandums. Maintain the payroll system database.

How much is one month’s settlement with the 2021 minimum?

Taking into account these values, the liquidation for one year of work in 2021 would be approximately 2,468,821, also calculating severance payments, interest on severance payments, maturity and end-of-year bonuses, and vacation period.

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Payroll examples in excel

Human Resources managers must be experts in the creation of payrolls, in the laws that affect them, in how to modify the information in them and manage this type of incidents, how to make the necessary arrangements with Social Security and how to calculate these payrolls.

To create a payroll it is necessary to be clear about aspects such as the type of contract, the employee’s personal situation, the collective agreement that applies, the extra payments, the professional category and contribution group, among other things.

A payroll management program will save your HR department from having to spend hours and hours buried in paperwork, as well as eliminating human error (which is so bad when it comes to payroll issues).

Not doing it with enough planning or in advance, not taking into account all the variables, not having a system to calculate them well and reducing the administration staff are the worst mistakes you can make in the management or calculation of payroll.

How to settle a 2022 payroll?

Provisions must be calculated and accounted for when the payroll is settled, the values of the provisions are calculated by multiplying the employee’s salary by: Bonus: 8.33% Severance payments: 8.33% Severance interest: 1% on severance payments.

How much does an employee cost a company in Colombia 2021?

Although the minimum wage for 2021 was set at $908,526 and adding the transportation subsidy the figure reaches $1,014. 980, companies must pay monthly cost overruns of close to $400,000 for each worker they have earning the minimum wage.

Which department handles payroll?

Like the finance department, the payroll function is based on numbers. Running payroll involves accounting functions and requires accounting knowledge, such as posting to the general ledger. It also requires a detailed understanding of tax law.


Knowing how to make a payroll is one of the most important tasks within a company. Avoiding possible errors is fundamental to avoid penalties from the Administration and to keep employees satisfied.

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To create a payroll, the first thing to do is to choose the right salary management system. This means considering factors such as the technical tools to be used or the relationship with the company’s finance, accounting or taxation.

We must also take into account the conditions to avoid conflicts with employees. We must ensure that they understand their payroll and establish mechanisms to resolve any doubts they may have.

This section is where the employee’s gross salary is distributed. Here a series of concepts appear that depend on the collective bargaining agreement to which the company is attached and the individual agreements. The payments are divided into salary and non-wage payments:

This may be one of the most complicated parts of the payroll. It consists of specifying the amounts that will be deducted from the payments or gross salary, thus reflecting the employee’s net salary. The different types of deduction that exist are:

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