Remuneration in kind is part of the flexible remuneration systems that are becoming more and more widespread within companies, which allow the employee to decide what part of the salary he/she wants to receive in cash and what part in products or services. This type of remuneration has advantages for both the employee and the company, but it is essential that both are aware of the tax treatment of the products that are usually included in flexible remuneration plans (PRF).

The amounts received by the employee as compensation or allowances for expenses incurred as a result of his or her work activity, Social Security benefits and compensation and compensation corresponding to transfers, suspensions or dismissals will not be considered as salary.

The signing of the payroll is gradually being replaced by sending it electronically or even by the employee’s own downloading from the company’s intranet, since although article 29 of the Workers’ Statute specifies that “the documentation of the salary shall be made by means of the delivery to the employee of an individual receipt justifying the payment thereof, it does not specify the form in which the payroll must be sent to the employee.

What to do if I don’t receive my pay slips?

If your company does not pay you the respective salaries or you suffer continuous delays in your salary, you can sue the company, either to regularize the situation and collect the amounts owed or to request the termination of the employment relationship.

How do you initiate a payroll accounting process?

The process begins each time a pay period begins with the report of the entry of new personnel data and ends with the payment of the salary to the employee and the payments to third parties based on the authorized deductions.

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How can I see my pay slips?

If you are a salaried employee and receive your payroll through a digital tax receipt, you can check your receipts in the SAT portal. Your employer is obligated to issue you a digital receipt of your payroll payment, to consult it you only need your password or e. firma (formerly electronic signature).

Payroll example

When receiving the payroll, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects, starting with its organization. The structure of the payroll consists of: company identification data, employee data, settlement period, payments, deductions, contribution bases, liquid to be received and place of issue, signature and stamp of the company and the employee.

What is payroll portability? In Mexico, payroll portability is defined by Banco de México as “an alternative available to the employee so that his or her wages can be deposited in an account in another bank without the authorization of the employer and without the employee having to pay commissions. For this purpose, it is sufficient for the employee to make a request, either to the receiving bank (where he/she wants his/her remunerations to be deposited) so that said bank carries out the corresponding procedure in his/her name, or to the ordering bank (where his/her employer deposits or disperses him/her) so that he/she may transfer his/her remunerations to the bank of his/her choice”.

What is the payroll classification?

Weekly payroll: This is when workers receive their salary every week. Fourteen-weekly payroll: Here, the salary is paid every 14 days. … Biweekly payroll: Wages are paid every 15 days. Monthly payroll: Workers’ salaries are paid every 30 days.

What to do if I do not receive a pay stub?

Failure to deliver the salary receipt constitutes a serious misconduct on the part of the employer, and may result in the indirect dismissal of the employee, after a reliable notice (by telegram) granting the legal term.

How can I claim my payroll from the company?

In this situation, workers can claim their outstanding salaries from the company up to one year after the non-payment. If the company does not pay, they can go to the labor court and file a lawsuit against the company.

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Payroll bps

There are several types of payrolls in Mexico, which accountants and human resources managers must be familiar with. This is the only way to keep good records and comply with the Federal Labor Law, among other things.

Payrolls are documents that detail an employee’s salary and the items he/she is receiving. They also indicate things such as social security or taxes, which end up being deducted from the total salary.

The payroll for executive personnel is the one that is elaborated for the high positions of a company. The general payroll is for everyone else. The main difference between these two types of payrolls is the confidentiality of the information. In payrolls for executive staff, the data is handled in a more discreet way.

Sesame is a time and attendance software that has this functionality. When you make a payroll, you can upload it directly to an employee’s profile, where they can also view it at any time, in the document manager option.

Who has to sign the payroll?

In principle, the payrolls are signed by the legal representative, who can be the president, the secretary or another authorized person, and who is the one who appears in the labor contract of the workers, as the representative of the company. And also the employee, of course.

Where can I see my CDMX payroll receipts?

To obtain your payroll receipts click on the following link Once inside the Human Capital portal, enter your email address and password; then click on the ‘Enter’ button.

What is the period on the payroll?

The payroll period refers to the time at which payrolls must be prepared. … Therefore, this payroll must have the exact amount of salary assigned to an employee and the corresponding payment concept.

How to make a payroll

Payrolls are a basic document of any business that has hired workers. In previous posts we have already told you how to read and understand your payroll as an employee, today we go to the other side and tell you everything you need to know to create a payroll step by step.

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Normally companies have a person or an entire department whose function is exclusively to calculate and make the payroll of all workers, but if you are an entrepreneur who has just started your business and you must do all this work yourself, pay attention to the key concepts that we present below to calculate and create the payroll of your employees.

Although you surely already know what a payroll consists of, it never hurts to review basic concepts. The payroll is the document that employees receive from the company each month and which specifies the salary they have received that month for the work performed or their salary compensation.

But the payroll is much more than that, it is an invoice in which the relationship between company and employee is reflected and in which very important data appear to take into account for the employee as the contribution of the worker to the Social Security or the IRPF retention that is applied to him.